Taunts and messages because of your ranking

anyone else notice the terrible manners that players of lower rank have when they beat u?

i just recently picked up chun li and fei long after maining balrog since the game’s release. I have a little less than 15,000 GP from playing as rog, but when I play as one of my alts and lose to like a G2-C/D/E player, many of them seem to taunt in game and sometimes even send me a message afterwards.

I just got one saying “I just stomped that shit” from some ryu player… why even take the time to type something like that?

really, it doesn’t bother me, i’m just trying to level up my characters… and any beating I take is a learning experience

but its like these tards get so thrilled about handing down a beating to a G2-A opponent that they have no choice but to act like jerkoffs…

Ya, I know what you mean. I got a shit load of hate for maining Sagat… and I still get hate for maining Seth… It’s dumb but what can we do ? :shy:

I’m a pretty bad player to be honest. It’s disheartening receiving hate mail when you finally win a match… :shy:

We already got a very healthy and active thread about the messages and rage you quit after a SFIV match…



I have exceptionally good manners towards people who (judging by their GP) have only recently joined G2, and i tell them things like “welcome to G2, where you really shouldn’t do all those random shoryukens and ultras anymore” =P

I usually curse at people to use the search functions

thats weird that exactly what I was thinking 2min before logging to srk.

I’m Ryu#239520569 but I’m just a beginner and the hate I get for winning is very annoying… hell I lost 350 match before winning 1 give me a break.

I like people who thumb up at the matchup screen. I always forget to do it myself, too eager to start the game.