Taunts, Immature Players, & Retribution

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There’s a situation I’ve been running in to lately, and I felt like sharing a story about it.

So as a player, I’m traditionally a slow starter. In all games, not just fighting games. It’s actually kind of annoying, as I’m not even 100% sure why I start slow. Might be needing time to read my opponents a bit before I get comfortable, might be just taking a few mins to warm up, not sure. But it sucks.

Anyway, that personal quality has gotten myself in to the same situation nearly every time I play… If Iend up facing a younger kid who thinks that he’s winning because he’s good, and starts spamming taunts, etc. The reason I assume it’s a younger kid is because their name is usually a give away (for todays example the person was named “LiLSwaG<some number>”, and he was playing extremely hyperactive, they spam taunts (as already mentioned), they like to trash talk, and he was pretty much spamming. For example his Wesker was repeatedly assist/gun/port/assist/gun/port with a hyper thrown in. His Dorm would do a hole, spam fwd+h, hole, super. Etc.

Now don’t get me wrong - I know I shouldnt have lost to that. He was being extremely predictable (aside from the random hypers) and I could have caught him vulnerable in his reckless offense. But in my slow starts, I honestly usually beat myself. I do a horribly placed assist get both chars caught, I block wrong on a mix-up I know is coming, etc. I ended up going 0/4 with this guy… and each match he decided to spam taunts as many times as he could.

Again - Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been playing fighting games long enough to know taunting isnt a major offense or anything. I personally don’t taunt my opponents I don’t even get angry at it either, because I know I beat myself and it wasnt really his skill that won it. But just knowing the fact that this person think’s their so good as to pretty much brag about it, I view it as a d!ck move. Instead of getting angry or upset over it, it makes me smile. Because it inspires me.

There’s another quality I have as a player, other than the slow starts. I’m traditionally a very good “clutch” player. I do best when my back is against the wall, and I’m in a situation that I feel like I have to win. I’m best if I’m behind and have to do a comeback. Me and my friends who gamed together actually used to have a “Championship” in our circle of friends where 1 person was champion, and each day all the other players had a league-type series with each other, and the winner of the series was the one who earned a shot at the championship (which we only did 1 time per day). That’s where I shined, I was pretty equal to the other players in regular matches, but in a championship match where I feel I have to win I had a pretty dominant record.

That’s exactly why it makes me smile when they act immature. They are putting me in to my comfort zone where I’m strongest.

So continuing the story, let’s go back to the example of LiLSwaG today. As mentioned, he went 0/4. That was the point I finally snapped out of it. I stopped being stupid with my assists and placed them properly. I took advantage of his predictability. I let him do the same mixup over and over and punished him as he should have been. And after winning, gave him a lil “eye for an eye” treatment by spamming taunts in return.

After the match he returns to character selection, picks Wolvie/Haggar/Akuma. And he loses again. Keep up the eye for an eye and spam taunts on him, he again goes to character select. Chooses Wolvie/Akuma/Phoenix. He manages to get Dark Phoenix but then repeatedly spams low kicks, hyper, low kicks, hyper. So I pop XF, let him waste away his XF and finish him. Taunt him. He changes characters again.

At this point I was fully warmed up, and each win he did less and less damage to me. And he was obviously getting frustrated with how he was changing characters every match. Like I mentioned earlier, I usually don’t taunt people like that, but since he wanted to act immature I felt it was appropriate to give him equal treatment. So after taking his first char out with only doing about 10% damage to mine I decided to start taunting between chars, and like a button masher deserves he didn’t even take out a character before losing.

After the bad 0/4 start, I went on to a 7 game winning streak against him. Then he goes to char select (again) and goes to Wolvie/Hagger/Phoenix. This time he wasnt so lucky, by the time he got his superbar to level 3 he was down to only phoenix and didn’t get a chance to go dark. Obligatory taunting… and after the 2nd taunt the game freezes… “Your opponent has been disconnected”.

But then I remembered him messaging me and trash talking. So in return I sent him a message, laughing at how he can’t even take his losses like a man and has to DC.

Retribution is sweet. Funny thing? Over 50% of the time I play a situation like this happens. The slow starts give opponents a chance to see if that immature jerk mentality is inside them. I told my friend this story and a copy & paste of his response: “lol, ya i learned a long time ago not to talk shit wen im beating u”. He suggested that I should go in to a vs CPU match or something so I don’t have these slow starts. But you know what? I’m kind of happy things happen this way. Because like I mentioned, retribution is sweet =)

The morale of this story? If you act like an immature jerk don’t be surprised if it backfires and you get a nice serving of the same treatment in return. And you will probably run in to that more often than not, since anyone who is worth a damn does not need to spam taunts to know they are good.

Well, congrats on your rant. Did it need a new thread?
Next time here please.

A lot of people, including yourself, think a statement like this is mature. It is not, it’s actually incredibly the opposite. Nice rant though.

I don’t disagree that I lost the battle. He was the better player that match and deserves the credit for winning. But I dont see how it could be argued that players do not sometimes defeat themselves with a streak of stupid mistakes that they know better. That doesnt change who was a better player that match, but a match could be won because of a mistake just as much as it could be won by skill. Is it really immature to admit to admit a mistake led to your loss?

I could understand some situations where people get cocky and say a phrase like what you quoted when it wasnt true. I’m not saying I’m better than all players, not even all players I beat. But I’m sure you have played someone before that obviously didnt have much of a grip on what they were doing and managed to win due to your own mistakes. Does that make them skilled? Or does that mean you sucked?

I’m mildly satisfied from the read, but I can’t quite understand how this thread is designed to create a constructive conversation relating to MvC3, or anything in particular. I say that because… You didn’t exactly ask a question or press forth a theory, and instead,cough you went on a rant.

Cool story bro. Certainly kept me entertained, wish i could read more player’s perspective, but these sort of things are frowned upon for some reason…


I disagree, Taunting is part of the game and its fun to do it. . Now you say it didn’t get under your skin but it clearly did or you wouldn’t have made this thread.

I for one love taunting. :smiley:

I love actual taunting. Teabagging, however, is a different story, and somehow people got the awesome idea that it needed to make the transition to Marvel from Halo.

Now this I agree with.

One of the best things to do is play Sentinel, and kill their last character with Hyper Sentinel Force XFC Taunt.

Taunt in slow motion while they die.

Or taunt with She-Hulk after you kill them from a combo + mixup after. “GOTCHA NOW!”

I always tell people I’m teabagging them because Dante likes boys.

Taunters gonna taunt.

I for one try my best not to let taunts affect me, and for the most part they don’t piss me off as much anymore, its probably because everyone and their mother taunts after a victory now so I can’t even start getting upset or ill be raging all day long. I do however, considering taunting after your opponent is dead, a bitch move if I ever saw one, its literally kicking a man while he is down. But hey, so long as dudes aren’t glitching its all gravy, and Im actually grateful for mvc 3’s ability to taunt after a win since it taught me not to take those kinda things so personal and serious.

I like Spidey and Akuma’s taunts cuz they insult you, Akuma “WEAK” and Spidey with his “Dude, You Suck” and my favorite “LOOOOOOSER”

That’s why I said if it’s in the wrong area to please move it =)

It didnt anger me, it inspired me to show him he wasnt as good as he thought it was. You cant let it anger you or it will cloud your judgement and you will start making mistakes. Funny thing is the ones who spam taunts are the most likely to be angered by it, that’s part of why I actually made this thread.

If you have fun taunting more power to ya, I’m not anti taunt, a lot of people taunt by reaction after a win which is kind of normal, and it’s not unexpected to taunt a few times after a big comeback or something. I just think it (usually) says a lot about your personality if your the type of person to spam them repeatedly every single time you win. You have fun the way you want but the way I have fun is beating people who do that =) I really do perform better after people start that… so i dont mind it at all… bring on the taunts and let it backfire.

I always thought there was a small art style to taunting after a kill.

Yay! I think I just made this topic into a topic! How would you taunt the OP if you were beating him? (No offense OP:D)

With Wesker, if his glasses are off, I always try to ground shot them in the face, then taunt to get his glasses on (with glasses, shoot 2 or 3 times)
With Storm, I like to tri-jump over the corpse once or twice, then taunt. "Whoosh! I don’t think so!"
With Zero, I like to tiger knee his dive-kick into the crotch, then taunt.
With Hulk, I do his 623CC then taunt.
With Ryu… when I play him and win with him… it’s "Sho-Ryu-Sho-Ryu-Sho-Ryu-Hrmph!"
With Amy, I just taunt (Like the howl), sometimes slow super.
With Dante, it’s some ground pound then taunt (flames, or 3CC, or Tiger Knee divekick), sometimes just his Demon Form super instead (for the growl).
With Sent, it’s rocket punch, taunt, or just 3 taunts (love the sparks).
With Spidey, it’s always just taunts, hoping for “Loooossserrr!”.

I don’t taunt between chars, because I’m to busy spacing for a mixup (or pressure for chars that I haven’t figured out any good mixups for) on the way in.

with Ammy its also fun when you have the sword and you do the sword dive otg into the head of your defeated foe. then Howl

I hate when people taunt, unless they do something damn cool, like a really cool Dante combo or something. Other than that it’s just not needed. Taunting is actually how I can tell if someone is a scrub or not. It’s especially hilarious if a Dark Phoenix player taunts.

I usually leave the taunt button alone, even if I do something cool. I don’t wanna look disrespectful. I don’t care if the other person does it if they style on me though.

land She-Hulk command grab, GOTCHA NOW! (taunt), Down, Down, S (runner’s start), Hold Forward, B during run (crumble) Down Down, S (cancel run), GOTCHA NOW! (2nd taunt), then combo into launcher