Taunts/Personal Actions: What do they mean to you?


Just curious. Put up your two cents, if you’d like. :china:


They should mean nothing if you’re playing competitively.

As for me, I don’t really mind them, both in-game (thanks for the opening) and real life. However, it can get frustrating/annoying if the person is too loud.


psychological advantage and fun


Q taking very little damage. For other games, they mean an opening, or unused opportunity.


depends if taunts are actully useful in some way (which they should be) It’s always astounded me that your character doesn’t get a boost of meter if they taunt and don’t get interrupted while doing it. After all, the whole point of taunting your opponent is to pump yourself up and boost confidence, right?

Third Strike’s taunts were interestingly done I think.


ken/viper whiff their ultra.

rufus taunt 3 “TRY BLOCKING!” and counterultra.

i love my life.


Taunts mean nothing to me.
Personally I never use taunt ever.

Though I find it odd when people get offended/rage when someone taunts them.


I like the idea of having a taunting action used to charge up meter. I also like the interesting aspects that some taunts bring to the game, such as taokaka using them in combos in BB.


nothing :coffee:


people can taunt all they want, who gives a ish?:rofl:


I dont give a fuck about taunting. I do it to kinda tease a little when I’m not playing seriously or bait something stupid from stupid players (I actually did that in serious play a few times, and it worked lol). I pity the people who take them seriously.


If I have time to taunt in a fight it’s only because my opponent sucks and i’m letting them know it.


Usually how it works, indeed. Like everyone else said, it’s not really that big of a deal. If someone uses it, they’re either underestimating me or I just need to step up my game… or they’re just a complete imbecile for giving me a huge opening. As for real life taunts, they don’t phase me at all.


Mind games.

If you know your opponent gets frustrated easily; do it.


exactly why i don’t taunt unless i know i have time for it. why ruin a perfect victory because you got cocky? though i do love to play Dan and bust out with his super taunt once in a while. but that’s more for just having fun with friends.


I taunt in matches and talk shit IRL while I do it. It gives you a psychological one up. Doesn’t really do anything negative towards me, and if I can get into my oppoennt’s head and leave them mind fucked. If they step their game up, even better, because I’m like that dude in anime that can make the heros unlock their secret powers. I’m that big of a dick sometimes.


Yesterday I played a Rufus on SF4 with my Balrog. He took me down to 20% without losing any hp and did a taunt. I jumped in, took some damage off him, followed up for a bit and comboed into ultra and won. He sent me an epic voice pm afterwards bitching about it :rofl:

Anyway, I kind of pity the guys that taunt when they beat someone badly. I am not very good yet, played less than three weeks, so it has happened a couple of times that someone walks over me and taunts afterwards. I can’t help but wonder if they are trying to compensate for lacking ability elsewhere, or if they are trying to make themselves feel good after getting stomped by players better than themselves by taunting people who have never played fighting games before :rolleyes:


recipe for success in TvC:

  1. Pick a character that can effectively play keepaway/turtle without too much effort. Like Ken.

  2. Start going on the defensive.

  3. While you’re avoiding your opponent (which generally takes less concentration than attacking) start talking incessently. Make character jokes, spout memes, make silly noises every time you do bird shoot or teleport, or just giggle a lot.

  4. Wait for your opponent to show signs of getting annoyed.

  5. ???

  6. profit!


I use Ken’s taunt in 3s frequently cuz it’s funny, and I love it. Not because I disrespect my opponent. I also like ending matches with taunts if their health is low enough since I don’t get to use them ever.


Online on SF4, I find them slightly insulting. Not because of the taunt itself, just because it’s always the shitty players that use them after they get a lucky knockdown on me or something.

It’s usually Ken players with his ‘if you cant hit me why try?’ taunt _

So when I beat them I usually send them a message saying ‘if you cant hit me why try?’ or whatever their taunt says.