What taunt do you guys prefer to use? I like 5 the best personally.

Yup! I also use Taunt 5 pretty much exclusivly! Piece of cake!/Chou yo yous!

When im mixing it up I use taunt 1, 3, 8, and 9.

“Chou yoyuu ssu” to be precise :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t mean to sound like a douche (well I do a little) but this kind of thing could be discussed in the general discussion thread, doesn’t need its own thread.

Thats actually true…I find this board has the most “useless” threads out of most character boards, probably because we dont have a real mod :frowning:

The mod would just get taunted anyways


My favourite taunt is #09, but I love #08 and #10 too… they don’t get much use though.

Kara-Focus Absorb Taunt is an important part of my game… #09 is the best for that.

taunt 9 is great as it pisses off and is quick to get the point across and its fun when you run away

Best use of Taunt 9 is: Back Throw > Ass slap xx KRK FADC > Haoh Gadouken :wink:

But you can do that for any taunt, I prefer taunt 5 for all of those situations, as “put your back into it” is kinda gay :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really since others won’t allow you to cancel them as quickly, think #1 and #9 probably have the fastest “cancels”.

Didnt know that! Thanks, ill probably use taunt 9 now.

Definitely the ass-slap taunt. Especially because you can spam it like crazy and it ends up with him just slapping his ass repeatedly. Other than that… I think his jump taunt is highly underrated, love that it actually increases his hang-time.

That’s why you use it. Every man has a latent phobia of getting beat up by Elton John in front of a crowd of people.

I’m partial to #4, it looks similar to the crouching/jumping taunts, and rounds out my taunting tri-fecta.


He says, “Koshi ga haitte nee ze!” for me :wink:


^^ I lold :slight_smile:


Japanese Dan is not Hard Gay :stuck_out_tongue:

Crouching Taunt is and always will be the best :smiley:

I agree, crouchingt taunt is the best. I never have enough of it, so these days I am using taunt #2 exclusively.