Tay Zonday is on Jimmy Kimmel Live

he performed chocolate rain live. apparently thats his natural voice

for those whos been living under a rock: [media=youtube]EwTZ2xpQwpA[/media]


You should see that guy’s cover of Rick Astey’s song it’s GOLD.

Moves away from the mic

belongs in video thread


and they trimmed the FUCK out of the song.

he was having the best week ever


and did a parody of his song for the show


here’s more of that john mayer


Looked like during the short interview he was forcing his speaking voice to be a little bit deeper than it actually is. There’s a few moments where he screws up and it sounds a little more ‘normal’ I guess.

Crowd reactions were priceless… they just had a “WTF, are you serious?” look sometimes.

If he wants to milk this, he’s gonna have to work on his personality. He’s got none, both during his performance and the interview. He was staring straight out at the crowd with no emotion at all and that lifeless smile that reminded me of Jack Nicholson as the Joker when he fell from the church.

But yea, having fun riding the chawklit train while it lasts Tay.

EDIT: Lol @ Bastos links. Man, he’s gotta feel kinda crappy after seeing them poke fun at almost nearly every aspect of the original song and video. Oh well, there’s his 15 mins of fame. Enjoy it while you can.

good find :tup:

Tay Zonday reminds me of those Short Circuit movies. He could play a lifeless robot easily.

Hes not human, hes a…


a gawdamn robot!!! from the future of music!!! shiiiiiittttttt


I’m more interested in the chick sitting on the left. Of that the JAG actress?

omg, 4chan what have you done! :rofl::rofl:

is he or that song supposed to be funny ? dont get it :wtf:

Short recap for you:

Tay Zonday did a cover of Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ and people started using it as a substitute for Rickrolls. I think people used it instead of some other unknown cover because of Tay’s distinct voice.

A week or so later, he released that song Chocolate Rain, and it became an internet meme shortly after thanks to 4chan and the rest of the internet that defiles anything it comes across. It’s one of those things where you’re like, “Wow, this is so bad, it’s good!” The lyrics are laughable, even if he attempted to make them as serious as a metaphor can possibly be.

It’s also funny because of Zonday’s expression while he sings and the general process he goes through before any song. He stands up from the bottom of the screen and then starts singing. He makes weird mouth expressions and movements with some of his sounds. He has this robotic stare that never changes, just staring straight out into space or at the camcorder or whatever. He has a horrible “fake smile” that you can easily tell is forced and looks pathetic, kinda like those kids who didn’t know how to smile for the camera during class pictures in 3rd grade. He just really lacks any kind of on screen charisma or character and those things are funny to laugh at when people are trying to be super serious or pretend like they can actually be a performer. Stage presence isn’t something you can teach someone, you have it or you don’t. Tay doesn’t have it

Also, at the beginning of the Chocolate Rain video, you see him move his head away from the microphone and he puts text that says

**I move away from the mic to breathe in

The music to his song is as monotonous as the lyrics. It’s a simple 1 (maybe 2? I haven’t listened in a bit) bar that just gets repeated for like 3 and a half to four minutes. With the words “Chocolate Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaain” being repeated every other line, it just makes for a laughable song because it’s the same shit over and over and he’s just so serious about it that it’s like “C’mon dude… look at yourself. Get a fucking clue.”

That was a little longer than I expected, but that’s pretty much why it’s funny/popular right now.

Every time i get a headshot in gears i yell CHOCOLATE RAIN!..n the world becomes a brighter place if only temporarily.

Chocolate Rain.

What What In The Butt Yes Here Cums The Pain.

Chocolate Rain.

You Must Defeat Sheng Long In This Broken Game.

Chocolate Rain.

Where You Download MUGEN At? Stop Playing!

Chocolate Rain.

I’m The Juggernaut Bitch Who Smokes Cocaine.

Chocolate Rain.

I think you forgot the hacked youtube vids? FREE PRESS!:looney:

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