Tay Zonday Thread! (Chocolate Rain Guy)

**This is all the original work by this guy. Comment or post related material…there’s a lot out there.

Why did I make this?

Fuck if I know, but here it is! ** :rofl:

Chocolate Rain

Internet Dream

Never gonna give you up

Random Readings…you can hear his regular voice in this.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Blue on the 4th of July

The Rainbow Connection

Demons on the dance floor (Music Video)

Motherless Child



Demons on the dance floor

Dying for a deadline

Lifetime Limbo

House of the Rising Sun

Canon In Z (Piano)

The Only Way

Do The Can’t Dance

Say No To Nightmares


needs moar fucking tay zonday

Tay Zonday was on G4TV. On the Attack of the Show…show…err…yeah.

Will post video when I get a chance…unless someone beats me to the punch.
Video of it…kind of grainy…



This is a video response for Tay’s song Internet Dream.

WTF IS THIS!? The signs he holds up confuse and make me laugh at the same time. Randomness FTW!



Chocolate RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN, raise your neighborhood insurance rates

I found it funny that when they mentioned Chocolate Rain getting a million views over the weekend… they didn’t even mention Youtube’s featured videos getting hacked.

Because that never happened :rolleyes: [sarcasm/]

Why is this weird ass crazy, possibly idio-savant starting to grow on me. The day when this mother fucker’s album is sitting on my hard drive…I’ll probably be hanging from my belt in my kitchen.

**I move away from the mic to breathe in

Sounds like a bad Americain Idol audition to me…

he looks retarded when he sings, and he also looks like one of the jacksons. SCARY

Stepmania version of Chocolate Rain! Well a remixed version of it.


Because Tay Zonday is irresistible:rolleyes:

Look he looks like Micheal Jackson so that HAS to mean something.

So I dont get the whole thing behind this Chocolate Rain guy. I mean it’s catchy and all but I’m guessing there’s synthesizers involved with his singing or can he really just get that deep with his voice?

The mega man one is pretty good. Too lazy to find the link

Well I found it…actually I was about to post it. Good timing! :rofl:


That is his real voice to my knowledge

real voice and also the best metaphor for the black struggle i have ever encountered

I hope someone makes a real game out of that.

get to it!!