TBA @ FFA-XVSF US vs. Canada North American Championship!

DATE: Fall 2007, TBA.
Location: FFA

All right boys in girls, this will be the thread for the planning and putting together of an event I have been dreaming for a long time…

The culmination of finding out who is the best XVSF player in all North America-that includes the US and Canada.

The XVSF Canadian Championships were a success and have yielded Canada’s Top three in XVSF-

1st Martin [charlie/chun li]
2nd Liquid Metal X [wolfie/charlie]
3rd 1hitcombo [mags/juggs, wolfie/charlie]

Now as Sponsor of this tourney I will see to it that these 3 place winners get a trip to either-EVO2007 or the FFA Arcade at a TBA Date to showdown with the FFA Crew and US’s best XVSF players MegamanDS and dog-face.

This has been an idea a long time in the making, and now its time to flesh it out and put it together!!

So Canada and US brace yourselves and lets put our heads together to make this happen.

Some of the things I need to know ASAP Are as mirrored in the Canadien XVSF thread-

#1- What city is this FFA Arcade at?
#2- The top three, LMX, Martin, Dee, What cities in Canada would you all be coming from?
#3- I will supply the money for Roundtrip if I can depending on how much it is for you three, if you can contribute please feel free to do so and tell me how much etc.
#4-We are planning this for the Fall '07, depending on what these others think.

Let’s put this together and make this happen.

For now it seems like the FFA arcade is the best location due to reasons MegaManDS has told me about.

Any objections?? Let the discussion towards making this tournament happen a reality!!!

-Dark Geese :lovin: :wgrin: :nunchuck:

I feel this should be kept to a aim/pm thing where you can better contact the players and organize yourself

10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

closest airport is LAX or burbank, either one will work. burbank might be cheaper airport.

about housing, i don’t know which player can house 3 guys, i believe it depends on long they are staying as well.

Okay excellent!!! #1 is taken care of!!! Thanks MegaManDS!!! :tup:

All right do you guys know if that Martin guy has a SRK handle or an AIM handle so I can do just as Bacardi says and keep the majority of this to AIM so that in this thread we can already flesh out the details??

Nope he sure doesn’t but you can get ahold of him threw
Lmx aka Narith

2# there all from Ottawa ontario
3# is not a question
4# Sounds good to me

Okay excellent I will contact LMX through his email and then try to contact that way.

I know Dee is 1hitcombo so at least 2 of the three I can contact via AIM etc.

I also now know that they are all from Ottawa so one price should be the same for all no???

So that makes it 3 people going from Ottawa to Granada Hills, CA??

I will see first which is cheaper-Bus or Plane and by how much FIRST.

Big Ups!!

looks like around $900 a head including a car


and $700 per person w/o a car


Okay thanks for the head up…obviously we are going without a car if we are going to fly…now lets check Greyhound how much that costs…

And for these people if they can contribute the better…

We are gonna make this happen make no mistake about it!!!

MegamanDS these are Round-trip right??? :looney:

Also what is the closest city to Granada Hills? Because at Greyhound it does not show a listing for Granada Hills.

**Select Fare Type
Purchase Fare Type Qty Passenger Each Total
Standard 1
$398.00 **

Looks like we have a winner guys…Greyhound at least…And this is round trip…

I need to make sure the top three are serious about this endeavor because I am already looking into my budget as to when to get you three this cash for Greyhound…

This is from Ottawa, ON to LA, Calif because I dont know the closest city to Granada Hills…

Also should we do this after EVO or around the same time???

I am shooting at August 2007 for now with my budget and that is the same time as EVO…

I would recommend you guys between now and then have some warm up tournies for yourselves to get ready for this!!! :nunchuck:

those airplane tix are roundtrip, let me see the greyhound stops and ill let you know whats closest.

EDIT: from that list of CA stops, either los angeles or north hollywood would be closest. those are about 20-30 min away from FFA

I wouldn’t go on a grey hound from ottawa to Socal. do you have any idea how long that’d be almost a week. 0_0!!

It says 2 days only Shiro serious man…just 2 days…lol. 2 days there and 2 days back…

The only problem is, unless you organize this at an already-existing major event (like EVO) you will not get the best overall comp from the USA.

Yes there are a lot of good players around FFA like MegamanDS, but there are also others…like myself, for instance…who live on the other coast and are not going to make a special trip just to play XSF. Especially when there is really no great prize involved or anything like that, and the game is competitively dead, except for the 1 time a year most people get to play it…on a side cabinet at EVO.

My advice is to organize this for EVO and you will be successful. And be sure to put it on a fucking cabinet where Gief has a kick lariat so I can play too. Thanks.

Hmmm can do this…you guys hear this???

Whaddaya say though MegaManDS???

The issue would be accordingly getting a cabinet that works accordingly at EVO…

So if we have this at EVO how are we going to organize this and solve this issue??

Wait wait wait. Xvsf comp is dead? We just had a Canadian National tournament for it. Also Ottawa is running ranbats monthly. I run ranbats monthly in my city “Edmonton” for xvsf. We get about 12 - 16 players normally. I know in Ottawa they had about 20 players form theri city join that xvsf tourney. So the scean atleast in Canada isn’t totally dead.

Also Xvsf is going to be at T8 next year. (yeah i know t8 big deal) But it’s still getting alot more comp and tourney shine then it has in the past.

DSP you said before on alpha ism radio to dark geese that you were one of the top ten players in the usa. Well you should really come to T8 and have some games with us Canadian’s.

come to canadian nationals next year. I’m hoping to get double the entrants, double the prize money and double the sponsors (230 to first place this year).

Oh, and DG: You can reach 1hitcombo aka. Dee at nigdee@hotmail.com.

he’s not online a terrible lot, but you can try emailing him.

I also recommend throwing this down at EVO. Dee has some decent skills at CVS2 as well.

Dee is good in CvS2 but against the world i dunno about that.:looney:

XvSf he will defiinetly do well in it.

He will win xvsf because he beat me. HE BETTER WIN

Hmmm so we have two people in favor for the tourney being at EVO…once again guys EVO is the ideal location but they say the cabs not being in the best condition is the issue.

So then who do we need to talk to to make sure the cab if its at EVO is in the best condition for this tournament???

So heres the thing guys-

**#1-Shitty cab possibly at EVO but great exposure and people like DSP there and others signing up to make this thing HUGE with representation from the US against Canadas big three…

+++++Or A GREAT CAB but really limited mainly to the FFA people and the Canadians…

#2-Choose one and make a argument why you chose this!!!**

its not so much the cab as it is trhe PCB that wont even be there. og face or who ever has the pcb have to bring it.
Again i say if theres no xvsf at evo then saying that we want to show the best is in xvsf is period is impossible. we cant know if we dont let them play