TE-2 or TE-S+ for PS4

I’m in the market for buying a Tournament Edition stick but I’m somewhat torn. I can get a TE-2 now and I sort of like the Chun-Li one. It looks wider and longer to me, which, if it is, would be a huge plus because I like that, it helps it stay steady in my lap. I’d change out the artwork, though. But on the other hand, I’ve pre-ordered a TE-S+ because I thought I’d want the L3, R3 and Touchpad. Now, though, I’m wondering if it’s really that necessary. Also, the TE-2 seems sort of bigger. What are the difference in dimensions between the TE-2 and TE-S+? Is the TE-2 significantly larger than the TE-S+? Also, are those extra buttons important?

Get the one that people will suggest for you after asking in the appropriate sticky thread instead of making an entirely new thread.

As for your specific questions about the dimensions and stuff, we have a thread for questions too. Ask there or do your own research.