TE + Agetec...

Ok, so I have tried searching for this on my own, and haven’t come up with anything that seems to be what I’m looking for, so please don’t blow me off as being lazy. I know someone has to have done this before. Also I might add, I am completely new to this scene and am at the absolute noob level of comprehending modding so maybe I wasn’t searching for the correct phrases.

I have a 360 TE, almost have all the supplies for modding; MC Cthulhu, Imp, Rj 45 jack and connectors, and an Dreamcast Agetec PCB. I’m trying to mod it to work on PS3, 360, Gamecube/Wii, and Dreamcast.

I have had no such luck in finding a tutorial in how to wire up the Agetec PCB to the TE. I don’t know if I need to do anything different when adding all this to the MC Cthulhu and friends.

I know this is a very advanced project I am taking upon, and most would say hire someone else to do this, but I’ve got someone teaching me how to solder, and as long as I have some diagrams or tutorial, I’m fairly confident I can manage this. Gotta start somewhere and I like the deep end. I found Bombermans MC Cthulhu guide, and I believe I can follow it successfully. So if anyone can point me in the right direction it’d be appreciated. I plan on documenting my whole process once I get started. Maybe even have some kind of tutorial for complete omg wtf is this green board noobs.


You need to look up the dual modding thread. but in your case doing a triple mod.

Basically you need to cut a hole for the Dreamcast cable, it is not compatible with MC_Cthulhu RJ-45. Then simply connect the signal wires of the dreamcast pcb to the rest of the signals, connect common ground, and Vcc. And never plug the stick into two systems at a time.

Most of the links you need are in here:


2 pcbs in one stick will allow you to figure out how to do 3.
2 PCB’s in one stick - Possible?
Finds this. Just add the third PCB the same way. Figure it out with the RJ-45 mess.

My tutorial will help on the RJ-45 MC-Cthulhu part.
RJ-45 MC Cthulhu+ IMP+ Xbox 360 Dual Mod Tutorial Diagram

Now put those pictures together and you have a nice hot mess of electric speghetti wires.

i’ve done that with my TE except i used hdmi connectors in place of the rj45. it is possible to use rj45 for all 3 boards by using a second imp for the 2 dreamcast data lines and any two on the mc cthuhlu from a, b, c, or f.

Good luck with the mod job…!

I’ve stayed away from these jobs because once you get so many wires crossing all over the place, it gets complicated!

Also, Toodles and others haven’t placed support for the Dreamcast yet in their PCBs because it’s a different beast than most systems in terms of connections (8-pin outs don’t work for connectors for 9-, 10-, or more pins). It doesn’t help, either, that it seems the Naomi/DC Tech hasn’t been completely reverse-engineered, either.

When you’re going into triple-mod territory with this tech I think you’re heading into a big unknown territory. Has anyone been completely successful with these mods? It seems to me all I’ve read are people have problems with triple mods and piggybacking DC’s on top of XBox 360s. One or the other always seems to be interfering with the other.

The only thing I’ve read that seems to work – and it’s imperfect – are the PS2=>DC adapters. Seems to be that the MC Cthulu has some compatibility with these adapters… At least past Flash ROM revisions of the circuit board logic program at any rate…

I settled for adding a DB-25 port to a Already dual modded stick. You have to have the voltage go through the DB-25 port though. It becomes a mess inside when you have more than 2 pcbs in there,