TE art mod. a few questions

hey guys, this is my first post as you can see but i have been reading a lot over the last few weeks.

my TE is ariving tomorrow and i want to put a custom art mod on it straight away.

i want a full plexi cover and for the art to be full also, i have the picture im going to use but im not exactly sure on how its all going to work.

this is how i think i should be able to do it.

print my picture (probably at a print shop for nice quality) laminated, and sticky on one side(?)

then disconnect everything and peal off the default art.


this is the part i havent really seen explained in any videos or any threads. is it better to stick your art on or just laminate and let the plexi and screws hold it in place?

last thing… i live in Australia so i’m not going to order my plexi precut of artshobbies. could someone give me the template for it so i could print it and take it to a local cutter?

i didnt even bother to laminate the art. All i did is just let the buttons and the screws hold the art and plexi in place.

if you’re going with a plexi cover you dont need to laminate your printed artwork. the plexi/screws/and buttons will hold the art in place.

thanks guys.

Not sure about plexi anymore though because the image i want to use wont stretch to “full” and its going to be hard to find a template and a good cutter where i live.

I was thinking just going with artwork and then just a thin layer of plastic sheet cut to the same template.

Would you guys recommend painting the bezel-thing? because red doesnt go with my color scheme. Also im ganna upload my mock-up so please no one bite my fresh design…

kidding, you guys prolly have way sicker designs.

Paint the bezel. Use vinyl dye. Post the image, I’m sure someone could probably make it fit a full plexi.

dont really want full plexi anymore unless i can get my hands on a template for full so that i can take it to a local cutter before tuesday.

but thanks for the tip on the bezel.

also if i don’t use a plexi cover do you guys at least laminate the art?

i think i’m going to laminate it and then put a small layer of plastic/plexi that is just the same template again over the top to make it look finished.

pic here of my mock up

just let the plexi and buttons do their thing
no need to laminate

You do realize that you’ve used the SE template for you art right?

Also, bring this discussion here.

Just a suggestion for your art, you should go with these buttons! They’ll look beautiful.


na, my plan for buttons is white and maybe 2 black.

im ganna paint the bezel either black or orange-ish and the basic white sides will go with everything…

so basically black and white color scheme and perhaps a little yellow.

yea i realised it was for SE when i downloaded it but i thought id post my basic idea for everyone to see anyway…

looks like dogshit on the TE… i gotta find a higher rez image.

EDIT: im a massive noob. looked bad on photoshop because the scaling was all weird but this upload looks sexy.

hey if i wanted a “full” plexi cover could i just take the template to the cutter (ie they would be exactly the same)?

is that how “full” is messured? its hard for me to tell because i dont have the stick yet.

also i was considering see through buttons. is it a hassle to put the art cut-outs in? is it hard to pull off?