TE Back-Order Problems


So I am gonna assume my Gamestop is not gonna recieve their TE sticks for a while seeing as I’ve been getting the run around from them telling me to call back tomorrow for them only to still not have mine in. So my question is should I just cancel my pre-order, get my $50 back and order an HRAP off of Amazon and Sanwa buttons from Lizard Lick?


Yeah, I know what you’re saying. I have a feeling my store will be one of the stores to not get one, and I don’t want to be without a stick for SFIV. I’m going to wait until Monday evening and see if they have the stick in before I decide to do anything else.


I’m just mad because I thought I got on board early my pre-ordering my stick in early December, guess not.


Anyone else having this problem? Share your experience/advice please.


From Shin-RoTeNdO:

“Update: In case anyone was wondering, I checked out the email sent out to us about the TE and SE fightsticks. Everyone’s pre-order WILL be fulfilled by next week if you didn’t receive them this week. They are backed up on shipping and are trying to get them to your stores asap and are apologetic that we (GameStop) didn’t have them available by the time that was stated. They were not expecting such a high demand for these at all.”

You can believe or not but Shin is pretty legit on SRK from what I’ve read in the past. It may or may not happen but it is a shred of hope about those who didn’t get their in store arcade sticks. I’m one of them but it’s not the end of the world.


Greetings! I’m new to the boards, so take what I say with a grain if you must. As of Friday night (2/13) Gamestop told me to tell my customers that if you have not yet recieved your fight stick (SE or TE), you should get it within the first week of March. Now, it may seem like Gamestop has dropped the ball on this one, but I assure you all retailers aside Gamestop that took reserves, will not recieve any fight sticks til that time as well.

I pre-ordered 2 SE sticks and was only able to get 1 of them Thursday. They shipped in pairs, but I had to sacrifice my second one to give to the 1 other customer that reserved it. If you are new to fight sticks, I would just stay with the madcatz hardware standard. But if you are use to sanwa or seimitsu, I would definitely upgrade! wishes for his pushbuttons and stick to appear :confused:

Anyways, I apologize if I’m a bearer of bad news. I figured you all would like some closure for your current situation :sad: Gamestop is not the most reliable, but hey… it’s a job that pays my mortgage! :rofl:


I worked Friday(13th) and Saturday(14th) and did NOT see this e-mail go thru. Maybe its only the west coast? I am in EST.


I’ve been using 2 out of commision Hori EX2 each with a button broke. Past 2-3 years I’ve looked at getting a HRAP only to find out I missed getting one to late, and by that time on EBay they were way to overpriced. So basically the preorders roll around for these that Mad Catz is going to produce. So naturally I gander at them, and decide well I’ve played the arcade machine, and it would be nice to have something to remember my past times in those arcades or to replicate that same feeling at home.

So now you know my backstory on sticks. Anyways I understand where you are coming from, and my store is pulling the same stuff with me. I’ve got this feeling they won’t pull through, and maybe not ever. By then if I wait to long I’m sure the HRAP batches will be exhausted, and again I’m screwed over like in the past years. I’d have to charge the HRAP to a credit card, and it’s not something I will do at all. I save that for emergency situations only. And I’ll say it again I preordered it on 12/23 at an EBGames.


It’s really sad situation for all of us who ordered sticks expecting to get them on day one. I just hope that whoever is in charge of this situation be it Madcatz/Capcom/shipping companies etc. is making an honest effort to get our preorders filled.

What that said, I’m waiting until the end of mid March and if I don’t get my stick by then I’m gonna cry.