TE BEZEL/PLEXI, LG GT540, Asus vh236, Canon 50mm

FS: ART 6 button TE Plexi and 4 bezels. Red, violet, black, and blue. These are all from Madcatz. I also have a red one I painted blue I will toss in. The plexi has the playstation engravings by the buttons. $50 shipped.


FS: Canon FD 50mm 1.4 lens. Bought it used, so it didn’t come with caps. I have a Sony NEX adapter I can put on to help protect the rear when shipping. Will pack extremely well to protect the lens.

$100 shipped USPS priority w/ delivery confirmation



FS: Unlocked LG GT540 Phone w/ usb charging cable and rubber case: $70 shipped USPS priority w/ delivery confirmation


FS: Asus vh236h monitor w/ power cord and hdmi cable: $90 shipped UPS/FedEx ground


FS: Dell Latitude e6410 laptop: It fell, so you have going to have to buy a new power cord from dell, and a bit of the plastic on the back fell off. Still works fine besides the physical blemish. i7 m640, 4gb memory, windows 7 64-bit, integrated graphics. Not great for playing games, but does everything else fairly well. $300 shipped UPS.



Thats the evo monitor right? If so, I call first dibs. I can pay asap.

ibeatu is looking for an Asus EVO monitor:

I call next if The Realyst doesnt take it

Please send paypal info. Thx.

payment sent for the evo monitor

Its a long shot but would u sell and ship the black tde bezel?


That lens is standard for AE-1s and AV-1s. 100 is a little steep though. If you are willing to part out the Bezels Im interested.

Thats what im thinking

damn is the evo monitor still available?

Sent you a PM about the plexi and two bezels. Let me know.

i got the money where u at?
also the item description says violet but its pink right? cuz thats the one im interested most

he has not been online for a while but i did get the evo monitor in yesterday

I’ll send the money then, thanx ibeatu.

yeah i paid last saturday when he posted it and he said he will try to get it out and i disn’t hear from him since but it came in monday just pm him saying payment sent if u don’t get it in 2 weeks just file with paypal

OK! :smiley:

payment sent!

this guy is a ninja! he never sign on the forums but my stuff arrived!!! some art freebies too!

thanx halvie!

glad u got everything ok :slight_smile:

tnx bro!

sadly the bezel I wanted was pink and he said violet in the post but in the picture looks pink!!!

but it was a good deal, I think I’ll find a trade on the outlet.