TE board seems fried can i replace it with SE Board?

my TE seems to have been killed on a dual mod attempt is it possible to use a se to replace it??
im talking about taking the insides and swapping them

You are way better off just buying a fightpad and using THAT board.

The SE board is a PITA to deal with.

im talking about the main te board (ps3) as in i’d still like to have a home button etc.

Just wire up the home buttons to the corresponding buttons on the fightpad.

That way you could potentially keep turbo too (if you care about that).

EDIT: I know this is a dumb question…but you DID verify that the lock button is not locked right? This fakes a LOT of people out.

i dont understand how that would work, To add information the dual mod has been taken out and the te now re wired and solder’d to its original state doesnt seem to work anymore. my idea was to take the se and use its board to replace the burn out pcb

edit: theres no response from the board and windows reports it malfunctioning

Ok…it seems that you did a dual mod and now your main board is not working.

Here is what I’m talking about:

  1. Remove the entire PCB from the TE stick. Open up the little compartment that houses the Home button and get access to the wiring for that button.

  2. Insert a fightpad board. Solder the connections appropriately to all buttons you intend to use.

Now you have a working TE again.

The issue is that the PS3 stick has only one pcb and that is also the one that has the home button etc.
edit: unlike an xbox one that has two
Edit 2: so im guessing my best option is to replace with a se? since i have one sitting thats never used

Oh now I see what the problem is!

Man…its hard to advise you on this…do you still want it to be dual modded?

Another option is to purchase a ChIMP board and use that, but you will need to mount up a new button to be your home button.

So yes, the SE board will work but its a larger effort than using a fightpad board or a ChIMP.

its no worry i think im just going to go the se route … since i can get one cheap of a friend … both of them use the same parts apart from the sanwa
edit : only thing im worried about is wiring the usb cable , but hopefully it shouldnt be to hard