TE Bolts (Sale Closed) Please delete


[S]Selling Xbox 360 Chun Li TE- S Stock Panel with Original Art (no bezel) $55 shipped (Domestic US Shipping) [SOLD][/S]

TE Bolts Sale Closed[S][/S]

WTB madcatz te screws
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How much would you charge for shipping on that JLF-TM to the Philippines?


[S]I checked the US Post office’s Calculator for Flat rate Priority mail boxes, It is about $58.50 US.[/S]
[S]I will Check what the rates are by weight in a min, since I lack a scale I need to see just how much a JFL weights.[/S] Eww too Much.

All okay, rate of a small size 1 pound box is approx $13.95, I going to ask for $16 to cover the cost of the materials for shipping. if that is cool?


TE Top Panel replacement bolts. Original TE Bolt shown for comparison.




Except for the Phillips, all bolts take the same Hex key/bit. They are size #2.5 hex bits. Some reason the Blue Anodized bolts appears darker in the photos than what they really are. Stock TE bolt shown for comparison. Also these bolts will work with Hrap 1,2,3 and EX provided you still have the stock (or m4) nuts

Bolt Prices (per set of 6 bolts) Not including shipping

Stainless Steal Philips screws $3 [In Stock]

Stainless Steal, Oxide Black Hex $4 [ 1 set left ]

Flat head hex screws with Finishing Washers $5 [Out of Stock]

Zinc Plated hex $2 [In Stock]

Anodized Red hex $4 [Out of Stock]

Anodized Blue hex $4 [In Stock]

Anodized Purple hex $4 [ 1 set left ]

M4 Hex Nuts 20 ¢ each [In stock]

2.5 mm Allen keys [special offer see first post]

I do not have any other colors (Ex: Green, Pink, Yellow) or different head patterns (Ex: #3 Hex).
[S]If I start carrying additional choices I will add to the list above[/S]

I send everything Priority Mail for the US at $6. Different rates apply for International Customers

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Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)
Measurements of the Screws on top of a TE?

I’m prob down for 2 sets of blue. = ] I found some anodized blue ones before but I didn’t get them because they didn’t use a #3 hex key. Sounds silly reason not to buy, but I bought like a $6 fancy #3 hex screw driver(I think really cool and an awesome find!) just for working on TE’s and would hate to negate that previous purchase. = p


Cool beans. I will verify if the Bolts are actually #3 when I do get them. So if I come back later and I say they aren’t #3 don’t hang me.
I also just sent a email to the manufacture, to see if they know.

Also, you still need the screw driver to open the TE in the first place, so even if I am wrong about the bolts I am selling, your screw driver isn’t a waste.

I check the bolts out, they take a #2.5 hex key.


No worries mate. Just wondering, you aren’t by happen to chance getting any colored flat head screws with matching countersunk washers are you? Thinking I want to go that way.


Nope, not yet any ways. I wanted to start with a smaller stock first, you know to get my feet wet before I expand into more bolts types, I want to see how the market is first.
Also ordering in bulk in the long run cheaper per bolt, but together ordering 5 different bolts in bulk from 2 different suppliers is not cheap.


Hey dark do u accept paypal?


Yes. Its the Only way I would do business here on SRK; unless you are local, then I would also accept cash.
Post or PM me what you want.


Do you still have the red bolts available? I’d like to get 6


I just come back from a Anime Conversion. So give me a day or two and I will get organized here, then I’ll PM you the details Vicko
Yes I have Red bolts still, are you talking 6 bolts or 6 sets of bolts as I only sell in sets of 6.


i’ll take some blue ones, thanks.


Is it just the lighting or do the pink ones look more purple?


That is purple, I don’t carry a pink.


Oh i wish you carried a pink ones, sorry i wrote that backwards i meant the purple look pink.


The supplier I went to was limited in their color choices.
When my current supplies get low and I order a new batch, I will try to see if I can get more colors and options in.
I can’t promise Pink but I will look into it.

I might have to poke around and see what colors people are interested in.


I would definitely buy a set of neon pink if you got them. Finding pink items for stick has been very hard.


Sadly that is true. Finding quality pink anything for a arcade stick is hard.

Worst case scenario you might have to look in to painting them your self or custom anodized screws.


That i may have to. I was looking at maybe getting some of your silver ones till then but i am not sure yet.