TE button lag

Hi everyone, first post here, I’ve done a bit of a search but can’t find my problem.

Anyway, I bought a Madcats TE PS3 version very recently, I’ve only had it for 2 weeks but now the HK button doesn’t work properlly. It seems to lag the input, I’ll go into training mode and hit the button, nothing happens. Around 10 to 30 seconds later a HK will pop out. With show inputs on, the input is not shown until the lagged kick comes out. During these lag periods spamming the button doesn’t work either. Also of note is when I press the KKK short cut key, on the inputs it only registers LK MK .

Tried swapping the wires from the HK button to the short cut KKK button as I don’t use the shortcut buttons anyway. Same problem, HK doesn’t come out and the shortcut only gives LK and MK. Maybe it’s a deeper hardware issue in the circuit then a problem with the button as it is affecting all possible HK inputs. Note that I’ve tested it on a PC and a PS3 and that sometimes it works fine, but it seems to be getting worse. My brothers TE works perfect on both systems.



I tried remapping hk to the shortcut button (L2) in the game, and at first I just swapped the 2 around and it did nothing. Then I set the current HK button (R2) to no function and the shortcut (L2) to HK and it now works. I’ll try rewire and check it’s still fine.

Still a pain though as when I want to play on other people’s games I’ll have to remap it.

Also just tried remapping the faulty button to other moves like focus attack and throw. When I did that, the normal buttons used in that move would not work even on their own. I think it’s a wiring problem as the same wires connected to a different button has the same problem.

Have you tried contacting Mad Catz?

It’s a problem with the board. HK crapping out on TE sticks is an infamous problem across the boards. The board shorting out also is.

Temporary solution is swapping the HK wires in the wire terminal(where all the wires from the buttons are connected to) to the PPP/KKK(L1/L2) button and not using the HK slot completely.

Ah yea I see I’ll give that a try, cheers thanks for your help. By doing that I’ll still have to remap the button in game yea? Would it be the same as swapping the KKK (L2) wires to the HK button and remapping also?

I understand I’ve voided the warranty already though by opening the stick so I think I’m stuck with this fix as I don’t think Madcatz/Capcom will take it back now.

Thanks again.

So when you switch it up with the wire terminals, when you press HK in-game it will be input as L1/L2 or whichever button you swapped it to. So in button config you are going to have to manually set L1/L2 to Heavy Kick and you’re good to go.

Also, the warranty is only voided if you opened it from the back, removing the sticker seal. Opening the front cover with the 6 hex nuts does not void the warranty, so you can still send it back.