TE Carrying Bag/Case (EVO Stick Sack)

So I’ve started to take my TE stick around with me with my laptop for mame on the go. I also have two fightpads but I wanted a bag/case for the TE stick. I’d like for it to have room for the fightpads aswell but it’s not a must. I just wanted to know what everyone is using to lug their sticks around in.

Check in the evo store from time to time there’s talk of another stick sack in the works. I got one of the round 2 ones I only regret not buying 2

Did the evo one fit a reasonably sized laptop and cables as well as the TE?

hmm o-o sounds interesting

no just a stick.but theres a couple pockets on the front iphone fits nicely in one of them

It’s too bad EVO says they’ll never make them again & when they did they wouldn’t ship to Canada…

was listening to the shoruken podcast and ponder breifly mentioned a new stick sack. as far as shipping to canada dont know what the evo stores doing

They just announced on the stream they are selling these. Anybody know how to purchase one online?

They are selling them on the event floor…they’ll probably sell the remaining online AFTER evo.

Ahh ok great, thanks