TE Fight Stick Mod Help

Hey guys, i just got a TE fight stick and want to mod it in New York.

I remember reading there is a place I can take my stick somewhere in NYC that does the dual system mod for a fee. I have a PS3 version, but want to get it to work on 360 as well.

I searched everywhere and cannot find this place anymore! hehe

Any help would be appreciated. I am very close to any of the five boroughs.

Also, if any of you guys do the mods and are in the NYC area I could stop by as well.

Thank you very much

I think his name was Hak. I think he posts here, does anyone have his contact info?

Lookin’ for the same thing.

Isn’t there a very inexpensive converter you can get to do that?

No there isn’t…

I’m also looking for this service near NYC/NJ.

Also are there any guides to modding a PS3 TE with a 360 pcb + Imp switch? I’ve searched hard and only find Xbox360 TE + Cthulhu + Imp switch modding.

there are no guides, you just have to take a bit from different guides.


what you are trying to do

i recently did this mod, it’s not too bad. the unnerving part is cutting the usb cable from the TE pcb

if you use the madcatz sf4 fightpad you don’t need the resistors / inverter.

what you are trying to do is attach the signal on each PCB to the buttons. This goes for all buttons including the guide (which is the only one not easily accessible). The TE’s PCB is already wired up to the buttons so you really only need to solder the signals on the 360 PCB to the signal wire of the button (the top row). To have guide functionality you need to connect the PS3 button and the guide button signals together. the last thing to do is just follow the directions on the imp. connect the outgoing USB cable to the top, wire both the grounds to the imp, wire the power to both PCBs, wire the signal cables and you’re done.

wow thanks man this is what I’ve been looking for all this time. my searching skills are bad lol.

one question. would I need to solder anything other then the guide button on the PS3 TE PCB to the IMP board? I would want to be able to use the HOME button for the GUIDE button on the 360 too, would I just solder the xbox360 guide button to the PS3 HOME button? or would soldering to the imp chip take care of that?

also would doing this mod mess up the turbo function on the PS3 side of things? (I use the turbo button sometimes for shootemup games and would hate to see it go)

the way i have it is that the signal from the home button is wired to the signal of the guide button and both are wired to the guide of the IMP. Other than that, the PS3 PCB needs to be connected to the IMP for Power, Signal and Ground. The signal is your D+, D-, Power is where the red cable from the USB went before you cut it off and is labeled "USB"
Up down left right must be wired from the 360 pcb to the TE PCB.

when using the PS3 TE PCB everything will function normally including the turbo button.

when using the 360 pcb (held home while plugging in) the home button will function as guide. You will not have turbo since the 360 PCB doesn’t have turbo.

good stuff man, exactly what I needed to know. gonna give this a go in a few weeks then. :smiley:

I also have a TE stick but it’s for the 360. I’d like to get it working on the PS3. Unfourtunately I lack the hands of a fine surgeon. Has anyone found out the name and location of the guy that mods these sticks in NY? Even if it’s for a fee?

Hey digital, how’d it go? I’ve been looking on and off for someone to dual mod my ps3 stick (yeah, im a fool and bought it before i knew about how much easier the 360 one is to do).

I’d try to do it myself, but i decided it was a bad idea since i have zero experience modding/soldering etc. and with no tools–it would probably be a dumb idea for me to buy all the stuff just for me to fuck it up.

If you or anyone else in the thread ended up successfully dualmodding their ps3 te stick I will totally pay you to hook mine up and I’ll buy you some popeyes.

i know from watching rawgameplay.com there is a guy they are friends with and he modded their stick named hak.

he runs fingercramp.com

hakdizzle on SRK is the guy referred to in video.