Te fight stick ps3 on a 360 console?

any one tried this ?

is it a easy mod?

any 1 have clear instructions with pictures?

was awaiting shinjns videos but no updates in long time.


maybe (depends on how good with that kinda stuff u are)

and i havent seen a guide pop up but hell i havent even searched at all…

any 1?

psychedelicbeat has done it. He told me in PM that he used a madcatz retro arcade board and a switch to change between systems. I have no idea how to even wire the two together… but I’m sure there is a dualmod guide out there and the steps would be exactly the same.

If anyone has a link to a good dual mod guide that details how the wiring should be done + how to wire the switch, please share it here.

this mod is just as easy as doing any other ps3/360 stick… just remember to use a common ground 360 controller and you will be fine.

sorry but being a noob in all this if some one has done this mod can they post pictures or give a indepth explanation?

I don’t think there is an all in one guide for this.

Start with slagcoin’s pcb diagrams and add a DPDT switch

and just wire it up