TE Fight Sticks - April?

So I’ve been looking around for the TE fightstick for a while now, I’ve checked a bunch of sites and called many local stores. I’ve been getting a bunch of mixed replies, stores like gamestop and gamecrazy claim that there either not going to get them in ever or they might get them in late summer. But the mad Catz website claimed the sticks would be available in April, but nothing yet, when exactly are they going to be in stock. Any thoughts? Can anyone make me a custom stick with sanwa parts–please contact me if you can, I really need a stick for 360.

Gamestop Norridge and South Halsted stores got 1 TE in each yesterday.

Dont goto Norridge, I bought it.

I posted in the official thread about this, wish you saw it. I would try the south halsted store today, or call Gamestop daily (around 10-11AM CT) and ask if they can check their inventories. Each store is linked to a global inventory database.

Dont take any BS about they cant look or find it. I had a store in Schaumburg, tell me there was a TE stick in Guam… just to give you an idea of how developed the inventory control is.

Make sure you ask for the store phone number and address and follow up quickly with the proper store when you do find one. They normally can only hold for an hour or two.


thnx this will hopefully help

I was told differently from the GameStop I called. They said the Norridge store HAD 2 and were both sold. One to you obviously. I called the Norridge store and they confirmed that. Where is South Halsted store?

The Norridge store in the mall just opened up like a week ago, so they will get a lot of hard to find items. I would keep in touch with them. Dave is a good manager.

As of today (4/3/09 - 1PM CT):

XBOX 360: MC - TE stick

GameStop #6411
Townline Plaza S/C
Peoria IL, 61615 US
(309) 692-0260

Pretty far away.

So they have one? I’ll walk there if I have to. If I didn’t have an exam I’d leave now lol

Guess I’ll call in a bit.

Those folks at Gamestop can be hit or miss, but some of the employees there are real cool. I spoke to a young lady named Casey at the Charleston, SC Gamestop and she said that the stores in Gastonia NC and Albany GA did have TE Fightsticks on hand.

I called them and they are holding the last 360 one for me but now I need to find a ride out there. lolz

Is there a SKU# I can give them for the 360 TE so they can just enter it into the computer? I have a feeling that a lot of the stores will be like “hurrr we won’t be getting TEs in ever again”.

Been calling gamestop/gamecrazies around my house. Nothing so far.

wow dude i called the norridge store, and they said that it was put on hold by someone already, which obviously is you:sad:

Argh. Argh. Argh. I can’t get a ride tonight. This is so depressing. I’m going to call again tomorrow morning and try to get another ride out there. But before that, I plan on calling them and BEGGING them to ship it to my gamestop and offering to pay more/kissing ass and whatnot. We’ll see.

I havent checked my gamestop yet…I hope when I come tomorrow they give me a good answer…
I remember the one guy told me when I asked about the stick restock…he said…I dont know what you’re talking about.Go check the store across the street…

If anyone lives in Peoria theres a stick waiting for you at the local GameStop! I give up.

i am from belgium and the shop i have orderd it, expect it to come out next week. i pay 150 euro’s

if anyone is in the bay area, northside like fairfield, none around the vallejo or american canyon area - gamestop wise. fair warning.

All the GameStops near me say it’s was a special item that they won’t be restocking.