TE Fightstick Bezels and Sanwa Buttons for Sale


I have 2 TE bezels. One is one I sprayed yellow and the other is a sort of lime green i bought at the Madcatz store during EVO.

I also have the full setup of sanwa stock TE buttons I replaced for my custom sanwa buttons I currently use. These also consist of the start select buttons.

I will sell the bezels each for 10$ shipped and the sanwa button set for 25$ shipped.
please PM


I’ll take the green one if its in decent shape.





Are selling them for 10 each or both for 10 shipped?


sorry my bad 10 each. Ill change that


anyone interested? PM me or email me at ianthegamer@msn.com


I pm’d and emailed you a week ago and you never got back to me.

I’ll send you another one.


i emailed back. i can do 35 shipped for what your asking. i emailed last night too. i might be getting caught in your spam filter or junk?

note to all:
i can do 40$ shipped for all.
2 te bezels an te sanwa stock buttons including start/select