TE Fightstick Cord Compartment Door


Hey guys, I have a question about the Cord compartment door on the TE Fightstick. I noticed a couple of nights ago that the tab that snaps the door into place would not hold the door. Sometimes I’d wrap up the cord (yes, I actually wrap up the cord and stuff it in there somehow) and close the door, but with just a little jiggle the cord would pop out because the door wouldn’t be held in place. I took a close look at it and I can see a jagged line across the area where the tab curves.

So my question to you guys is: Is there a place where I can get another one of these doors? I bought the stick from a fellow SRK’er, so I doubt it’s under warranty, I’m not sure.

If a replacement option isn’t possible, is there a effective way of fixing it?

Thanks for your time.


Contact Mad Catz and explain your situation.



^ Thanks. I’ve contacted Mad Catz, and hopefully they’ll respond soon. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m still all ears. Thanks.


Let me know how that turns out, my door broke a few months ago (got my stick at launch) but I didn’t want to send it in over something so trivial.

At the same time I’ve been putting off modding the stick because its “imperfect” now. If they are decent about fixing them I may jump on that.


Will do. I was gonna start modding the stick but then I noticed the door.

I really hope I don’t have to send in the stick… I mean you can literally just pop the door out and pop in a new one. Anyways, I’ll let you guys know what happens. Hopefully the outcome is favorable, but I’ve hard that Mad Catz Customer service sucks.


Actually, with the TE and SE sticks, I’ve been hearing good things about their customer service. Thing is, I don’t know if they’ll just hand out replacement doors to anyone who breaks them, but hopefully they’ll have parts you can order. I’d like to see bezels for sale through Madcatz, I have a standard plexi, and would like to have a few different bezels I can swap out.


Really? I hope that’s the case. I wouldn’t mind paying for a new door as long as it’s a reasonable price.


after 3 times of trying to get the cord in the box i just said screw it and grabbed a rubber band. might look around for a usb cover next, i know the ps3 eye has a nice one…


I sent an email saying that I’d rather just pay for a new door than ship my stick in over such a trivial issue, but they offered me a free one!

I haven’t gotten it yet, but they were very pleasent about the whole thing.

I imagine they are getting a lot of mail about this because putting your cord in that space just defies physics.


try to go to frys and jack one from the floor model


I actually need one of these doors too… Guess i’ll call them up on thursday.