TE Fightstick Joystick stopped working


Hello there. I don’t use my TE stick very often. Recently I went to use it and the joystick no longer works correctly and I cannot find any info of others with a similar problem. The joystick will not register the directions inputted unless I hold my fingers across the 5 soldering points on the TP-MA pcb. And then it only works intermittently. I thought the TP-MA pcb may be bad on the joystick so I ordered a new one, but still I have the same problems. It is switched to DP. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas. Thanks.


check if you got the harness plugged in the wrong way round


check to see if your slide switch is set to RS before you do anything


It’s not set to RS. I’ve tried to configure the joystick in LS, DP and RS. In DP it will register down, down forward, forward and down back, but that is it. The harness isn’t upside down, when it is the joystick doesn’t register anything. Thanks.


Sounds like it might be an issue with the TE’s own PCB.


That’s what I’m thinking. Any ideas on replacing it? Bummed it quit working. When they say use it or lose it, I know what they mean now.


Yes the PCB is replaceable, are you using a PS3 or Xbox 360 version of the TE?


It’s an Xbox 360 version. If you got any tips I am open to suggestion. Thanks.


Did you try out your stick on your PC?


I only use it with my PC. Why it stopped working is a mystery.