TE Fightstick problem

So awhile ago I bought a Tournament Edition Madcatz brand fight stick for Super Street Fighter 4. I love the stick but recently I moved and now the detachable part to the cord is missing.

I was wondering if there was a possibility you guys knew some solution to this problem. Without the bottom part of the cord I cannot plug my controller into the xbox and can’t play my games. This would suck a lot less if the only games I had weren’t fighting games lol.

Anyway thanks in advance

As far as Xbox 360 usb tail ends go, they are universal for Xbox 360 controllers.
You can find this part on Amazon, eBay and the trading post.

You could also completely replace the USB cable with a normal usb cable.

EZ what Darksakul just said. Just go on Amazon and search “360 break away cable” and you should find a whole bunch for cheap.

go into a local gamestop and ask for a 360 controller dongle.
we used to give them out for free all the time.