TE Fightstick vs. HRAP 3 - which performs better?

Is there anyone here that owns both? Or has an idea of how they both perform?

Pros / Cons of each? A good pro that I see for the HRAP 3 is that it’s 50 dollars less and it has a good joystick, but unfavorable buttons to some. The TE edition has the near SF4 design and Sanwa Joystick/Buttons.

What is your experience or critique when comparing these 2 fightsticks?

a modded hrap3 with sanwa osbf-30’s should be pretty identical to the TE. I would go with the TE though because it is much prettier and has a couple more features. of course right now they are going for $400, so a modded HRAP3 would be the best bang for your buck.

Has anyone tried bolting their TE stick down to a coffee table yet?

TE’s may be prettier, but build quality in the casing is quite different.

TE cases feel delicate, like if dropped, it would result in a huge ugly dent or scratch.

My HRAP2’s casing however feels rock solid and much sturdier. It could probably take a hit and be fine after, both physically and cosmetically as well.

TEs= Great looking but delicate.

HRAPs= Decent looking and built like tanks.

When each are fully equipped with Sanwa parts and equal in performance, the HRAP series has the advantage in durability in the end.

HRAP3 has the advantage of universal PC compatibility, which is very big in my book. It’s more limited in joystick selection however. Say, you can’t mount (actually you can, but it needs work) a LS-32/40 at the proper height. Personally I like the Astro City curve layout than the TE’s Vewlix. Placement of start/select is also another thing to consider.

Depending on what model you have. I have an AH2 HRAP2, so my button layout is pretty similar to a TE :smiley:

Also start/select is not bad.