TE Frame recoloring [noob question]

i was wondering how can i recolor the red frame of my TE
what color are best?
how did you do it for your custom stick?

If you want to recolor the bezel you’re going to need vinyl dye or the like.

No color is the best. this is preference.

Alternatively, look at Madcatz store, as they sell bezels in various colors.

can’t find bezels for europe :frowning:

A vinyl dye spray paint for vinyl and fabrics is probably your best choice to color the bezel the shade you want.

Stay away from paints for metals and acrylic paints. These tend to peel off plastic. At the very least be sure that the paint you’re buying is for plastics!

Again, a vinyl dye for vinyl and fabrics is best. These spray paints are used to color fabrics or the soft plastic interiors of cars.

Since you’re in Europe, I can’t recommend a brand name unless they carry Duplicolor or the like over there. I’m sure somebody in Europe makes these in spray form.

You want to use spray paints for consistency. If you try to paint by hand, the bezel will look painted by hand. If you have access to a hood to vent the gases and a warm, low humidity room so much the better for drying the paint! Otherwise, wait until summer’s hottest, dryest days.