TE Fuzzy inputs stick issue

Hey fellas, I got a Round 2 TE around December of last year and while playing GGPO today I noticed that I couldn’t consistently block when on the right side, so I went and tested it in the windows joystick configuration thing and whenever I hold down-right it randomly moves to just down without any microswitch sound going off or the stick moving from the right side of the gate.

This is a completely unmodded TE and I haven’t been overly aggressive with it, does anyone have any idea what the issue would be and whether it would be a relatively easy fix or whether I should just get a replacement stick?

Any help would be fantastic, thanks in advance.

hmmm, i’ve had the same issue as well but attributed it to using an octogate or holding my stick at the wrong angle, maybe it ISN’T me…lol…

You’d have to disassemble most of the stick to get to the microswitch assembly but the process of doing so isn’t actually all too hard. The microswitch assembly’s the most expensive part but it’s still a fair bit cheaper than a whole new JLF.

The only caution I’d have is if there’s a possibility that the problem isn’t actually what you think it is in which case you’ll have a spare assembly and not know what to do with it. Since LL is currently out of stock, you might have difficulty in finding one to order as well. However I’d say it’s still worth considering if you think you can wait 'till they restock.

Heck, the odds are slim but maybe it was just just assembled incorrectly in the factory. I’m not expert on the manner but I’d imagine if either the gate or the assembly were seated incorrectly, the stick might be blocked from making contact with the actuator in certain directions. Taking it apart and putting it back together is free, so you might as well just try that first before anything else.

Well I took it apart and i’ve fixed it so it’s ok for use, just by taking it out and cleaning the switches a bit and putting it back in, but yeah i’ll definitely look into replacing either the right or down microswitch, since one of them is being active without the microswitch clicking first or is being inactive without clicking out so if I move the stick to like south south east instead of south east, before the click going to pure south, it still dithers between down and down right. So yeah pretty sure the right microswitch is iffy. I mean if it’s not that it’s probably something horribly wrong with the PCB or something.

I’m in the UK so LL won’t work but i’ll have a look and see if gremlin electronics has them.

Edit: Woops meant to say thanks for your help!

Individual microswitch replacements might be a tad bit trickier, since they’re soldered onto the PCB of the assembly but you’re on the right continent for buying one from arcadeshop.de. It could save you a fair chunk of change if you know how to solder (and desolder) or want to learn how.

Yeah i’ll just buy the PCB, i’m reasonably competent at soldering having modded various consoles over the years but the price isn’t an issue and if I go through all that and the PCB has the issue it would be a waste of time.