TE Happ Stick Mod?


I was wondering if anyone has tried to mod their SF TE stick with a Happ Stick. Is it possible with out any alteration to the structure of the case? If you know any possible links or pictures, please link. Thank you.


i found my answer. And the answer is NO. Happ stick won’t work without any work to the case.

Please Close Thread.


A guy in Columbus did it by adding some nuts to the bottom of the case, causing it to be about a cm further out. Not sure if he had to do anything else to it, I’ll see next time I see the guy. Adding some nuts wouldn’t be too hard, but having the bottom of the case popping out looks a bit funky.


The next closest option might be swapping out the Sanwa JLF in the TE case with a Seimitsu LS-56-01.

Here are the advantages to doing that –
a) the stick SHOULD fit into the case without modding either the stick or case;
b) the LS-56-01 has a PCB 5-pin hook-up compatible with the TE PCB; and
c) the LS-56-01 has by far the stiffest spring out of any of the Japanese sticks;

d) the LS-56-01 is also readily available through most of the better arcade parts vendors in the US. It’s for sure that GamingNow.net, Modchipman and LizardLick either have the LS-56-01 in stock or can get it.


Yeah I love my LS-56:lovin: (but it’s not in my TE), compact & quick to engage great for fighters and shooters. Both Modchipman & Gamingnow are out of stock. LL is only a few weeks behind as of now. I was just looking into getting another one.