TE & HRAP Top Panel Screws

I’m trying to replace the carriage bolts in my HRAP2’s and HRAP3 with stainless steel carriage bolts, and the top plate scews in my TE with stainless steel replacements. Does anybody know the exact size for either/both of these screws/bolts so I can just order them instead of going to every hardware store I can find? Thanks for any help!

Edit: Got the answers!

TE & HRAP 3 = M4 x 12 with whatever kind of head style you want.

HRAP is a little more difficult. Fastenal couldn’t find the exact carriage bolt for me so he got some M4 x 16 screws, similar to the TE and some wingnuts to match. I haven’t put them in yet, but assuming the wingnuts fit, this is better than the stock ones that have the black color worn off through use.

Thanks. I’ll confirm as soon as I get a chance.

I’m not one for making threads so I apologize if this offends anyone or messes anything up but uh…

I’m trying to get some replacement hex screws for my HRAP2SA. What are the measurements?/Where can I get some?

I think they are called Hex Socket Button Head Cap Screws/Bolts. I do not know the dimensions, but if they are comparable in size to the HRAP bolts then it is probably metric size M4, you could always just measure the bolts. Please post if you find out which bolts work, I’d like to swap the ones on my T5 for hex sockets.

I’m definitely subscribing to this thread.


Keep us updated on the situation and if you find these parts.

I’m sure there are others who wouldn’t mind getting rid of those god-awful bolts on the T5 and regular HRAP sticks!

They are the bane of anyone who wants to do regular maintenance or mods on these sticks. I much prefer the hexbolts on the SA sticks and the MadCatz TE. It’s much easier to swap out parts on those sticks!

my order was placed yesterday with a local fastener shop so I should have my stuff tomorrow.

I think I found them here!

Take a look at the pics.

Sure looks like the screws on the MadCatz TE and Hori SA sticks!

The difference between the TE and SA is that the TE takes a size 3 key to unfasten/fasten while the Hori SA takes a size 4 key…

The TE is probably the M3 and the HRAP SA is probably M4. I don’t know the lengths of the screws to be honest. I’ve never taken one completely off the faceplate.

And more kinds of these screws are described here http://www.instockfasteners.com/PRODUCTS/hexsocketscrews.asp

Head shapes are different but the same kind of tool tightens or loosens these screws.

So far, none of the places I’ve visited online sell these screws anodized. They’re plain steel/stainless steel with a degree of corrosion resistance.

There’s a guy here on ebay selling stainless steel M4x14mm button cap socket screws for $6.95 per 100 piece lot. I also found a guide on metric bolt dimensions here which should help you find exactly what you need. I just wish I could find these bolts in anodized black.

try this


You got any measurements for that? They look great and all but I just wanted some plain replicas with a rounded top. With the dimensions that would be possible.

It seems my order isn’t due in until Friday now. I’ll update when I can.

Before I forget about this again,

You can buy the key tools needed to fasten and unfasten these kinds of screws at Home Depot. There’s a set of 8 of these that twist out from a center column. It’s sort of a “Swiss Army knife” kind of tool. The brand name is “Husky Metric.” This set should be around $6. It has the keys needed to loosen the screws on the MadCatz TE and Hori SA sticks which as I mentioned in an earlier post are the #3 and #4 respectively. These keys are basically metal columns that are hexagonally shaped. It’s kind of a weird tool that most of us don’t normally use.

They are called allen wrenches or hex keys :bgrin:

akihabarashop sells the bolts


I didn’t know what this tool was called.

Needless to say, it’s something 90% of us will never see or use unless we need it to loosen hex screws on some weird, esoteric job…

… Like opening up a joystick that uses these hex screws!

Man, and I thought it was bad enough that my car’s license plates use customary AND metric screws! :rofl:

M4-7010 fit hraps pretty good with a washer but imo dont look prefect but tthere easy to find at lowes

I found them at Home Depot as well.

They are NOT cheap screws!

They cost on the order of $2.10 per pack of 2 so it would cost at least $6.50 (with tax) to refit a HRAP-style case with these M4’s. (I’m looking at replacing screws on AT LEAST 5 stick cases so this won’t be a cheap mod for me, either!) As far as I can tell, they are NOT chromed or anodized. It’s natural metal finish so corrosion-resistance may be non-existent with these screws – at least the ones sold at Home Depot.

I found them in the hardware aisle in a clearly-marked drawer. It has a picture of the screw head on it. It was drawer #30 if I recall correctly.

If you have access to an M4 or M3 style head, you may want to take it with you into Home Depot or Lowe’s to make sure you’re getting the right screws. Another alternative is take an allen wrench with you and try it out on the screws in the drawer. Remember that keys 3 and 4 correspond to the screws on the MadCatz TE and HRAP SA sticks respectively. You’re shooting for screws that allow key #4 to slide into the heads assuming that you have a regular HRAP or T5 stick you want to replace the regular screws on.

The M4’s and M3’s I have on two of my sticks also couldn’t have been much more or less than an inch in length…

i thik i saw them in chrome finish also im going to check out the rc hobby store also for diffrent anodized colors

Chrome finish?

Great! I’ll check my local Lowe’s!

Thanks for the info Seatmomike!

Looked in both Lowe’s and Home Depot… No dice – they just don’t carry these screws in-store.

Lowe’s didn’t have anything like these period. Home Depot had a similarly-sized metric screw but it had a cylindrical top instead of a round top with inset hex hole. This screw could probably be used in the existing threading of the stick base but you could hurt yourself if you ever ran your hand or a finger across that screw top. That and I don’t think that personally it would look good on the faceplate.

The rounded cap socket screws they did have in stock were English unit screws so they won’t fit in the threads of the HRAP/T5 bases, period. Remember, Japanese use metric screws and bolts for their hardware! Online really seems like the only viable solution to these screws…

Most American hardware stores stock English hardware and have very small metric selections. Seeing as these screws are specialized hardware, I doubt they’ll be found at a local hardware store.

I was able to confirm at Home Depot that the HRAP 2 SA screws ARE M4’s. The measurement is 14 mm length.

I think I’m going to pay the fellow on e-Bay a little visit now…!

UPDATE: Bought 1 lot of these screws from the fellow on e-Bay that GB3 had a link to.

He’s a former hobbyist kit builder that had a bunch of these screws left and was selling them in lots of 100 for $6.95 +$1.95 S & H. That’s way better than any deal you’ll get in-store. He had two lots left after I bought mine!

These are stainless steel so they should be fairly corrosion-resistant… as long as you don’t leave a stick on the beach near salt water!

GB3, at the very least you can coat these screws with clear-coat Rustoleum spray enamel to provide extra protection. I can’t see why colored Rustoleum can’t be used to coat the heads of them, too. You really wouldn’t want to use anything but a minimal coat, though. The screws still have to fit in the thread. It’s mainly the exposed head that has to be protected from the elements.

I think the Hori SA sticks look fine with their M4’s and they’re only stainless steel, too.