TE Joystick Problem

I’ve noticed that whenever I try to move the joystick in a diagonal direction, I hear the “click” that registers the direction for the surrounding directions. For example, if I move it downright, I hear it click for not only downright, but right and down as well. I can still do moves, but I don’t remember it being like this before. Does anyone else have this problem, and is there a fix?

This is normal and intended. There are only four microswitches in a conventional joystick. Diagonals are just clicking two adjacent switches at the same time.

Sorry, I’m new to fightsticks, but doesn’t the TE have the 8 way gate thing? I’m pretty sure there is a separate direction for diagonal because when I turn the joystick in a 360, I hear each of the directions and I see the inputs displayed in game.

its a square gate…

The 8 way restrictor gate, sometimes called a guide, just limits the shape you can make as you move around the joystick shaft. Mechanically, a diagonal is still just pushing on two microswitches simultaneously. The game interprets, up and forward, for example, as diagonal up-forward. If you’re curious, open up your stick and inspect the bottom of the joystick to see how things fit together.

I already opened it, and I didn’t mean to say 8 way gate, I just meant 8 way direction.

Well if it is meant to be this way then okay. I felt I could hit the diagonal direction alone without touching adjacent directions, guess not.

Thanks for clear up.

I will second what everyone else has been saying. There are indeed only 4 switches and the diagonals are made when you have 2 switches down by holding the stick in a diagonal corner.