TE joystick with joy2key?


I want to play some web games with my TE (blockboxgame.com / tetrisonline.jp) but I can’t get joy2key to map the “hat” to directions. Is there any way to do this?

I searched and read aboud xbcd but I don’t think it does this.


Yea, click on the preferences tab on the right and select “Use POV switches”. Then, map POV1:UP etc.


the only options i have are calibrate & test.


i think he means inside of joy2key


ohhhhhhhhh, thanks guys.


Whats up
Just had the same problem, i have a PS3 TE stick, my computes detects the stick sucessfuly, no problems at all, buttons and joystick are detected right away, i can play on Bsnes, MAME… but NullDC asks me to use Joy2key as a most.

So, i got the little program, and doesnt detect my stick… i found it weird, after some searching the POV on preferences had to be On, but it didnt fix the problem, Joy2key doesnt detect even my buttons, anyone else with this problem? hope somebody can tell me what im doing wrong.


If all else fails scrap joy2key and use xpadder, its much better anyway.


It will be better for answering your question, I wonder if you can explain your needs more clearly.