TE just stopped working


I was playing AE on my PS3 maybe four minutes ago. After that I popped it out and put in UMVC3. I tried to skip the intro but couldn’t. I couldn’t even access the home button. So I tried my Dualshock and the Player 1 light came on. I brought my TE into the room with my computer and plugged it in and now my computer doesn’t recognize it (It used to, I had Vanilla SF4 on PC)

wat do?


1 - check the quick disconnect on the TE’s cable. Is it not put in all the way? If loose, fix it. Should work.

2 - check and see if you accidentally put on the lock on your TE. Unlock it, problem solved.

If it’s something other than that, it is likely it’s something from the inside.


No such thing on PS3 TEs. Unless off course, the OP is talking about a dual-modded TE.


Nope. I’m gonna open it up and see… if anything at all is wrong. REALLY don’t want to have to end up buying another one. I’ve only had this one 15 months :\