TE Keychains for sale

There seems to be a lot of interest for these things.

I have:
x00 Original TE
[S]x04[/S] [S]x00[/S] [S]+1[/S] x00 Aura Blue
[S]x14[/S] [S]x12[/S] [S]x11[/S] [S]x10[/S] [S]x08[/S] [S]x06[/S] [S]x05[/S] x04 Gold

The TE Keychains have this feature.

The Allen Wrenches are used to open the hex screws of a TE.

$20 shipped each.

Dude! You got a stockpile of those.

I remember those pictures. You showed to me when I didn’t know what TE Keychain did.

I’m surprised you have more gold than blue. That’s coolness, though.

lol u have that many. OBO?

It is ridiculous how much I have.

Any deals if more than 1 is purchased?

Yes, I was going to post up.
Buy two TE Keychains for $30 shipped.

If I took 4 would you go 55?

Buying more than one makes the price of the next one go down ten dollars? Okay, I will buy five.
Keychain 1: $20
Keychain 2: $10
Keychain 3: $0
Keychain 4: –$10
Keychain 5: –$20
So, $0. Cool.

I think you already know my address. I’ll be waiting.

how did you get so many XD

Put me down for two.

Save one for me and I will /deredere you.

I’m already saving you one. :lovin:
I’ve been longing for your Dere Dere.

What colors you want?

What colors you want?

I’d like one of the TE Key chains if you still have them available. I’m interested in gold, but curious how many of the red you have left.

I’ll go 2 blue 2 gold.

I only have one of those as my personal.
Only available for sale is Gold and Aura Blue.

Got you.

That’s cool. Mostly interested in gold anyway. Was just curious since I didn’t see a number for red. Put me down for a gold one.

Stock update.
No more Aura Blue!

I’ll PM the info and whatnot tomorrow, wicked tired/sick.

I’d appreciate a hold until then ;_;

I’ll take two gold then.