TE Kitty NeoGeo compatibility?


So I recently obtained a CMVS of which accepts AES/CD based controllers. I’ve been using my TE Kitty modded fightstick for all of my current gen and older consoles and it’s been fantastic. I’ve heard that the TE Kitty doesnt support NeoGeo via a basic RJ-45 cable like all of my other consoles do. Is my only option with the TE Kitty to get a PS2 > NeoGeo converter adapter and just use my PS2 RJ-45 cable? Just trying to figure out the most reasonable way for me to use what I currently have with my CMVS.



No need for a converter. Just wire up the stick/buttons to a DA-15 connector. The Neo Geo AEs sticks don’t have any PCB in them and are just wired straight to the port.

The pinout is similar to this one, except without buttons 5 and 6.


Thanks for the response! I’m a bit clueless when it comes to the technical side of the TE Kitty but does this mean that an RJ-45 cable could be made to work with the NeoGeo from the TE Kitty??


No, you will have to add in a separate DA-15 port on the TE and then wire the parts direct to it, bypassing the Kitty.


Not enough wires in a ethernet cord for Neo geo.

You just be Bypassing the PBC entirely and wiring the stick to a DA-15 connector with a straight serial cable going to your NEO GEO console or super gun