TE Mic dual mod


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I’ve dual modded my TE but would like to have a single mic plugged into my controller to function for both 360 and ps3. I’ve got two ideas. I could connect the 360 mic lines to the main USB and have it register as a USB mic on the ps3 (not even sure if that would work), or I could install a USB jack on my stick (like that hori ps3 scv stick) to have a ps3 mic plug straight in. With the latter idea, I’m not sure how to make the mic function for the 360. Apologies for being scatterbrained - what I’m looking for is quite straightforward. I hope the solution can be as simple as a few soldered wires. Insight and knowledge appreciated.

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At this point, I dont think that’s been done or documented yet. Most people will tell you the most effective thing to do is to get a cheap bluetooth cell phone headset and use that with the PS3 and the audio jack on the 360 board for usual 360 headset.
You could put a USB hub in the stick, run to a USB jack for a headset like the Hori SC5 stick, but that’s barely cheaper than getting a bluetooth for PS3, and a whole crap ton of work for practically no additional benefit.


As silly as it sounds, it would be nice to use the USB hub as a phone charger while playing with no mic. Where exactly should I connect the hub to my dual strike pcb? Right at the main USB solder points? I’m only assuming that the ps3 can pick up both a mic and controller coming in off the same USB line because that’s how that Hori stick seems to be rigged. Thanks toodles!


The Hub would sit between the DualStrike and the outgoing USB cable.


Cheers tootles, exactly what I needed to know. I’ll document my trials in case of future interest.