TE Mod to Hitbox via Dualstrike, NEED HELP :'(


hello guys,

i have a big problem :frowning:

i have a TE madcatz over here and moded it to a hitbox. so i ordered a new plate, buttons and stuff. and i ordererd (as SOCD Cleaner) a DUALSTRIKE from arcadeforge.net ( http://arcadeforge.net/GamePad-Key-Encoder/Dual-Strike/Dual-Strike::17.html )

now the problems: i installed everything exactly how the guide told me http://pohl-michael.gmxhome.de/tedualmodtutorial_de.html

i know its german, but i am hoping you guys can understand whats going on ( i can make some fotos from my mod if you guys need them)

so everything is fine, it is everything ok on this. but now, when i connect this thing to my pc, it will not get to work. i can load up the options program (Config Manager Applikation) but there is no option for SOCD cleaning. i have written with the support of the shop and the guy who programed it just got me some MAME MAPPING where he programed some socd cleaning in. he told me, it would only work on MAME 1 (whatever this is). still the firmware will not get upgraded. the program from the page says it is not recognizing the specified device.

can you guys tell me if i can get this to work (interesting enough, on my xbox, the arcade stick is working, even tough there is no socd cleaning).

i just want to get this shit to work so i can have my hitbox working with f’n socd cleaning, cant be that hard :frowning:

if you dont know how to fix that crap, can you tell me, what different device i can order, and mod this again to get this to work? would really appreciate it!



Don’t know how to help you with that specific problem, but I know the MC Cthulhu has built in SOCD cleaning. I believe the PS360 does as well. I’d tell the seller you want a refund if they can’t help you in making the Dual Strike work as promised.

Also, holy shit at a 19% VAT.