TE MvC2 (360) - defective terminal block?


Hey guys,

I’ve got a TE MvC2 (360) with Kitty-TE installed. My LK stopped working suddenly but the rest of the buttons works.

To test and determine what is causing the issue:

  • I took the pair cables from LK and swapped with MK. = when i strike LK i see the MK light up. when I hit the MK button, no LK light.

so this tells me that the button and the paired wires are still good.

So now, I’m trying to find a part to replace the terminal.
I’ve high and low for this “terminal” block but to no avail, does anyone know where i can get a replacement?

pic of the part I’m looking for:


I’d give Madcatz a call. They’ll probably send you one. If not/ or you don’t feel like going through the customer phone service process, Nucking Futs has a one for sale with a wii pcb.


damn it, he only ships within USA. gah!!!