TE not working after replacing gate and top

Last week I put an octagonal gate and bat top on my Chun Li TE.
Didn’t unhook the 5-pin harness or touch anything but the bottom of the shaft and the gate.
When I plugged it in found that the directional input is stuck going down. Moved the L-DP-R switch around, nothing. All the buttons still work.
I tried connecting with the 5-pin completely off and it still does the same thing.
Help, please.

Remove the harness and put it back in. Try flipping the harness upside down. My BB TE had the same problem, and it was because of the Harness.

Thanks for the reply, just tried your suggestion and it didn’t work.

interesting problem there, can you take some pictures of the bottom of the stick (where the gate is) and PCB?



this JUST happened to me after a quick tuneup. talk about serendipitous. Just flip the connector over where it plugs into the joystick. you have it upside down.

That wasn’t it,Bigboss.
If it’s still inputting with the connector off, would that mean the problem is the PCB under the Turbo/Home box?


It’s just switched, the same exact thing happened to me. The two plastic prongs should be facing down, and the metal contacts facing up. Try it, I promise it’ll work.

what’s that bare thin wire with the red glue?
it’s off on one end

Included image to show you what I mean.

I tried it as soon as I read your post.

I’ll get you a picture of mine. just a moment. Need to make sure we’re on the same page here.

EDIT: Here’s the picture, does your connector look like this one? With the tabs facing down?

No, mine was glued in tabs up from the factory.
I’ll probably go ahead and order the replacement harness from Lizardlicks, they said these have issues.

If you are getting the down input with the joystick disconnected then it means the signal is being cut somewhere else, like the main PCB. I’m no expert, but this happened to me with a past arcade stick and I got help on this forum. It could be a resistor or capacitor on the PCB, or something else, but probably not the wiring harness.

Anybody got any ideas how I could have messed up the main PCB just putting in a gate?