TE owners; setting question

Do you have the Joystick set to LS/ DP/ RS?

DP. Also, word to the wise…don’t try and surf the net through psn with the stick. I was being lazy the other day and thought I’d try for shits and giggles. Bad idea. Anyways, I don’t know what the diff is supposed to feel like I just know I leave it on dp when playing cause that’s what I use on the sixaxis.

DP. No reason to switch it that I can think of yet.

what does dp, ls, and rs even mean?

DP - D-Pad
LS - Left Analog Stick
RS- Right Analog Stick

only reason to switch is if you’re playing a non fighting game… for instance, if you wanted to play re5 with the stick :wink:

then switch it to LS and let the good times roll