TE parts in standard madcats arcade stick?


Will my sanwa buttons fit in the cheaper mad cats arcade fight stick? My te’s pcb broke and I picked up a cheaper mad cats stick. Will my jlf joy stick fit in it?

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Yes. if its an SE.


It is the smaller white one that’s 60 dollars at game stop.

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Yeah. the sanwa buttons and stick should fit no problem.


Ahh another fellow user of the DroidX and Tapatalk!!!

Yeah if it’s the SE it would be a strait drop in. Hardest part would be using a rag and vice grips (or the flat head screw driver method) to take the ball top off the top of the stick. (Which is easy)

Here are a few How Too’s…

Use this one just to figure out how to remove your parts from your TE stick


these show you how to use Sanwa parts (which are in the TE) so its basically the same except you didn’t buy the parts new :slight_smile:

Upgading Your Madcatz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick (SE) ? Life and Leisure. Tech and Toys.

How to mod the MadCatz SE Fightstick ? Icrontic Gaming

Hope that helps you out.

Also of you want to scrap the old TE shell let me know might be interested in it.

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I like to use a small flat head screwdriver and a needle nose pliers in the other hand.


I still prefer the Vice Grips and the Rag trick because some of the older and cheaper sticks (And some older arcade cabs) don’t have the flat head spot on the bottom of the stick. So I guess I just got used to that trick.


yes it will.


might be better to swap the pcb if you know how to do it.


speaking from good results i would suggest getting a PS360 board if you can muster it. that TE case is nice. it’d be a shame to put it out to pasture.


Nice? Hardly, my bezeled sides feel off after 3 months lol!

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those can be replaced. i believe gummowned has those wooden ones on focusattack.



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