TE plexiglass covers groupbuy Canada

Hi everyone,

i’ve been a long time reader first time poster. I am very interested in the templates thread and other threads regarding SE and TE stick modding.
I’ve ordered all my parts from lizardlick and they are on the way so i figured this was a good time to join since i’ll be contributing my art and will be requiring some help shortly.

what i want to startup today is a possible group buy for anyone living in canada and would like a plexiglass cover for their TE fight sticks (possibily SE later on)
the shipping on the covers from the states are more than the part itself. so i have contacted a few local plastics fabricators to inquire about prices. i’ve had positive repsonses so far. so as long as people are interested in buying i dont mind ordering a bunch of these.

basically, a plexiglas cover that goes over your TE stick to protect your art. it will be laser cut and its up to us weather we want rounded edges or flamed edges.

I specified canada but if anyone anywhere wants one thats cool too!!
thanks guys,


we already got a guy doing this on here your late eh



arthong its located in u.s.a op is trying for canadians in canada.

i’ll check it out.

well just an update, it looks like it will be about $30 canadian to have a plexi made your choice of 1 sided matte finish(matte finish makes avoids the appearance of scatches and fingerprints) or glossy on both sides and it will be finished with flamed edges so the edges wont be sharp.
not as cheap as arthong but if you’re from canada it may still be the cheapest solution.

if i can get 50 or more made it will be 22.50 each lol

im still talking to a few other fabricators so if anyone is interested gimme a shout.