TE Problem: Y button gets stuck or moves very slowly when pushed. Solutions?

So my TE stick is working fine, cords all good, every button is working good. But one button, the Y button on the 360 or the second button on top from left to right is moving very sluggishly. Pushing it down takes a lot of effort and because it doesn’t come back up instantly if I need to hit it several times in a matter of a few seconds it does not work properly.

So my question is, how do I go about fixing this? Is it a simple button problem or possibly something with the internal wiring? How would I go about opening up my stick and replacing a button or checking the wiring and if needed, where can I go to find good affordable buttons or someone to repair it if it is a wiring problem?

I’ve never opened up a stick before or modded anything so I don’t want to open it up prematurely if I’d be breaking some manufacture warranty or something. Plus I don’t really know how to go about removing buttons and all of that.


Try rearranging the wires inside. Sometimes the wires bunch up and push against the button which makes it feel “mushy” when pressed. To be honest though it sounds more like a problem with the button itself. In that case you can get a new button from lizardlick or any place mentioned in tech talk. Should be super easy to replace since all buttons have quick disconnects in TE.

Are there any videos showing how to open up the TE? Would help, though I could probably figure it out.

And yeah I think it’s a button problem but I’ll try and move the wires around to see if that was blocking the button.

What may be happening is some gunk got stuck in the button. You can unplug it, take it out, and easily disassemble it to check for dirt.

Get a metric size 3 hex wrench from any hardware store ($.50 at my local mom & pop shop), unscrew the 6 screws, and lift it off. Move the wires from under the buttons, put the face back down, rescrew, done.

Really, no video needed :slight_smile: i promise.

this! i doubt it’s wiring. it’s not like the bottom of the microswitch is moving when you press it. check for dirt in between the plunger and the rim. disassembling the buttons are a cinch. there are tabs on the sides of the button that you push in and it will lift up the plunger. clean it out with some isopropyl alcohol and you’ll be good.

I agree, check to make sure the button is not gunked up with dirt first. Clean out with isopropyl alcohol, the same stuff you might use to disinfect a wound is fine. If the button still do not work, 30 mm sanwa are perfect drop in replacements.

If you’re having problems with the button, it’s possible there’s just crap gunked up in there. You can just remove the button, pop out the plunger and microswitch, and give the plunger and base a wash.

Don’t wash the microswitch, but give it a couple presses to make sure it isn’t sticking.

So is there some magic touch to removing the wires connected to the buttons? They don’t come off too easily. Been tugging on them for awhile, from the metal piece at the top.

flat head screwdriver (or spudger is kickass for this too). Pull back the sleeve, grab the connector at the base (where crimped w/ wire), slide the flathead between the connector and button, and wiggle your hand holding the wire, while wilggling the flathead to pry up the connector.

GENTLY wiggling the wire & flathead. Don’t force any of this.

dont tug on them. use a screwdriver. put it in between the microswitch and the quick disconnect and twist.

Oh, i SO won that one.


This is where a video would be nice, lol. No clue where exactly the connector and button are. I’m assuming the connector is the little black cube in between the wires and the white part of the button. Not sure where to put this flathead. A diagram of everything in the TE would be great. Cause I don’t know any of this terminology. Just a bunch of wires and things to me.

EDIT: @ 3:30 in this vid the guy removes the wires with some plyers.

Seems easy, for him. :wink:

Thats an easy fix, stop jerkin your gherkin on the schterkin =P

P.S. get a towel :wink:

I get what you’re saying now. I googled removing buttons and got this article - Anatomy of an arcade stick at Protocol Snow

Was helpful, the close up images with the flat heads made me feel stupid. My flat head was way too big, only thought I’d need it for scraping off the glue on that thing that connects to the actual stick. I should be good now, just need to try a smaller flathead. Got one off with this giant one, was luck though.

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Do you guys know if theres any way to take the button apart itself? Like so I can see inside of it? Seems kinda hard to clean in there without completely removing the top of the button to do so.

i wrote it out for you already. look at post #6

So I push inwards? towards the center of the button? I’m guessing you’re talking about the things that go down when the button is pushed down?

So I push these inward at the same time and the top of the button will come out?

EDIT: Nevermind, I got it open now. Thanks.