TE ps3 stick does not want to turn on

So i modded my Ps3 TE stick by replacing the sanwa buttons with semitsu clear buttons. I cut the little zip tie off and reorganized the wires much more cleanly. I also rearranged the input wires that go from the PCB to the button pcb. I connected it to the ps3 and now im getting no response what so ever. Before i could maneuver around the ps3 interface and now the stick just seems inoperable. I figured it might be because i have the ground placed on the buttons improperly or on the wrong connects but i don’t know if thats the case. Any help would be appreciated.

man, that’s kinda crazy. do you have any pics? you may have just put the wrong disconnect on somewhere.

this is what i figure. But how have i put the disconnects wrong. Aren’t both sides equal to the other? does it matter if i put the ground and the signal button on the wrong connector? I’ve built joysticks before, modding this seems weird. Well i just put the original buttons back and its not working so it must be the disconnects. On the TE, which is ground and which is signal? top row or bottom row?

Maybe you knocked loose one of the ribbon connectors when you were fiddling around. The ground wire can go on any of the 2 prongs on the button doesn’t matter which.

I’ll admit, i did pull the ribbon connectors out in order to rearrange the inside. I’ll test it out and see if thats the case.

well i securely put the ribbon connectors in 2x and im still getting nothing out of the stick. I’ll have pics up tomorrow to show everyone the insides.

Yeah, as soon as you do that, we will be able to tell immediately what happened.

Did you check to make sure that none of the usb cables contacts got pulled or shorted?

no. But again after re-examining the ribbons they are all fine. I’ll have to go straight to the PCB to see if something got pulled but i doubt it seeing that i did nothing near the pcb.

on the button side… it doesnt matter how you hooked em up as long as theyre hooked up properly… i thought there was a difference but there wasnt ( QDs to the buttons )

Ok, i unscrewed the pcb from the base. Then the oddest thing happend, it turned on. I had it plugged to the pc to let me know when the stick is working but then it shut off. Everytime i flipped it upside down it turned on and everytime i put it right side up it turned off. So now i see that the ribbons are the cause of this due to how the connections are folded. Heres the pics

anyone know how i can sort this out.

Edit: ok upon further inspection i found the cause, the soldering to the USB cable is broken on the PCB. A little solder and it should be working. Thanks for all the help.

Do you have a multimeter? This will be your best friend as I suggest working your way down the line, troubleshooting each possible break in the chain until you find your problem. I would start with step 1, making sure it works, before moving on to the next step.

1 Check the continuity of the wires by putting one end of the multimeter on the pad of the USB and match it up to the wire that is soldered to the board and have the other end of the multimeter touch it to make sure there is a connection for each. Then put a connection on wires soldered to the PCB for ground and VCC and make sure there is no connection so you don’t have a short.

2 Plug in the cable into the PC. See if the computer will recognize it and, if it does, go into the game controller option in control panel and go into the properties.

  1. Take off the ribbon connector to the buttons and, using a paper clip, short the pins by touching one end of the paperclip to the pin corresponding to one of the buttons or directions on the joystick, and the other end of the paperclip to ground. This “should” simulate a button press and should show up on the PC.

  2. Plug in the ribbon cable back into the PCB, and do a similar test with the terminal block, by shorting the connections and see if those work. At this point, you should also be able to plug in your joystick and test the directions and see that they are being read on the PC.

  3. If the connections on the terminal block work, plug the quick disconnects back in and take the other end of the quick disconnects, and touch the matching ends together, and see if this creates a connection and simulates a button press on your PC.

  4. If that works, plug in the quick disconnects into the buttons, and press them.

I had to do a lot of the steps above in one way or another when I was modding my TE with a UPCB, and troubleshooting where some of the problems I had were occuring. Hope this helps sir.

EDIT: While typing out these long winded instructions, it looked like you found the cause of your problem, good job!