TE question (compared to SE)


I’m thinking about buying a TE stick but I have one question:

Does it have the edge that leans downwards in front of the buttons and the stick where you can rest your hands on like the SE stick? (hope that its correct english).

Because I really like that… its confortable.




But yeah. It does have an edge that leans downward for your arms to rest on. I haven’t used an SE stick but just testing the way I place hands it does feel comfortable.




Well, if you really want that sloped edge, you could get a HRAP.V3-SA instead since it has a similar sloped edge.


from what I can see, you’d want pretty small hands for the slope in the V3 to be useful…


exactly what d3v said there is a slope but there for visuals as you would need huge hands for it even be useful. Go for the v3 SA I love mine.


The TE does not have the sloping edge that the SE has.

Instead it is bigger, and allows more room for your hands to comfortably rest.

Initially I bought a SE stick, and thought I was going to hate the TE without a slope, but playing on the TE I feel like it’s more comfortable, even without the slope.


Yes, what strogg said.

TE not have slope.
It is straight flat.


Ah, it feels better then the slope?

Well, thanks for you time guys!