TE R2 full flexi artwork request, and more


I’m no where near artistic when it comes to PS, is anyone out there willing to work for hire? reasonable pricing please.

I have 3 sticks that I would like a custom artwork for:

1> TE-R2 - Girls from fighters theme, 4 from DOA: Hitomi, Kasumi, ayane, christie-then the girls from tekken, SF, and MK.

2> manga style scantily dressed zombie hunter chick, with open areas for the translucent case.

3> Killer Instinct theme (yea, my fav fighter of all time)


I’m not committing yet, but is there a template (with the buttons and stick) for the panel?


I know there is for the TE, and I believe there is for the custom, i’ll double check


TE----TE panel Full
custom-----TEK case art top


OK man I’ll do the Killer Instinct one. PM me about price and what you want it to look like.


PM sent, Thanks Taito


I’m done.

PM’s on the way. Rook (or another mod), does this thread belong in the Trading Outlet?


^Taito, I like it. In my head I can hear Ullllltraaaaa Cooooombooooo! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. I listened to [media=youtube]ibKAM_0mOVg"[/media] for inspiration.

Working on the zombie pic next.