TE reading Up twice in 1 input?

Recently (as in 2 days ago) i’ve noticed that my TE will read up twice in 1 input (as if double tapping). I only noticed this due to scrolling up while picking colors in KoFXIII where I then fooled around in training to see the inputs were coming out as a double tap on a single up input. I dunno how or if it was always like this but it also explains when I’ve played Marvel 3 with Trish and would randomly double jump after a regular jump sometimes.

I haven’t done anything fancy to the joystick itself outside of swapping it for I think a seimitsu LS-32 (I think it’s that. Friend swapped the stock TE joystick with one since I was wanting one and saved the trouble of ordering from lizardlick). It’s also dual modded if that helps.

So I guess at this point i’m asking is there any way to fix this or will I have to just replace it with another LS-32?

99% of the time I blame the players execution over any hardware first. Also if you hit a direction too hard on a LS-32, the pivot will "jump"causing the 2nd input. Replacing a LS-32 with another will not fix it.

That’s the thing though. Whenever I do fool around with it i’m just lightly tapping up.

It’s not that big of a deal but I just know i’m not hitting up that hard to be forcing double inputs on any stick.

possible it could be the leaf spring on the LS-32… small physical adjustment can fix that… just dont bend it too much… it can make the problem worse… throw distances is always a factor… things like that the “bounce” of the switch from a light touch will cause it to double input…

I see. Thanks for the reply guys.

I wouldn’t worry about the LS-32 “gate jump” affecting the actual input. It is usually well past the actuation point before that. It’s probably something to do with the switch like Joe is saying.