TE repairer?


Yeah. so I basically just destroyed my PCB trying to fix a short in my TE USB cable. I’m assuming that it’s broken beyond repair because the soldering iron has touched the PCB plenty of times, and some of the contact and circuitry lifted off of the board itself (Yet it’s still connected) So, would there be a way I can fix the TE, or should I just keep it for spare parts and just buy the Marvel 3 one when it comes out?

Also, if it is repairable, is there anyone in the bay area (california) that does repairs at all?


You could just replace the PCB with a PS360 and then it’d be dual modded, you could also just put a ChImp in it to use it with PS3, I think. I’d hire a modder though.

Or at least practice soldering before you attempt to install a replacement PCB.

If you’re close to Anaheim I’d recommend James&James So Cal Modding

They also do mail-ins


I read your other thread. Your PCB isn’t totally broken. You can still solder to here:

Those lines go to alternative points to solder to. However, I’m just stating this because you don’t have to completely replace your PCB, and J&J would likely only charge $25 for a USB cable repair.

Edit, also, that green should be D+, not D?. D’oh.


So, I decided to just buy the MvC3 stick on the 15th, but I will probably be sending this stick to a modder in order to get it dual modded. ( I already had plans for that anyway) Quick question: Do dual moders just replace the current PCB entirely? would i be better off just going that route instead of continuing to fail solder?


I’d swap it out for a PS360 myself. Just to avoid future problems, if any.


Usually they don’t, but like I said, I’m pretty sure your PCB still works, you would just need to solder to the alternative points. Any modder worth their salt dual modding would be able to attempt that fix. Now, I can’t guarantee that your PCB is still okay, but I just am quite sure it’s not beyond repair. For an experienced modder, the fix would just be a small detail of the dual mod.


Eh. my problem has extended to more than just a simple USB repair. st,sl,x,cir,squ,tri buttons go disconnected as well in the process, and now I might have to go and resolder those. I really don’t feel like doing that cuz soldering is so tedious ( Which is why I’m just gonna buy a replacement to use while this one is getting fixed) I read the first post of that J&J thread, might consider them, unless I have a nor-cal alternative


I’d contact rtdzign if you’re in Nor Cal, he does some pretty cool stuff.