TE replacement screws

This is probably a better place to get some answers. I unfortunately misplaced the screws for my MvC2 TE stick. I was just curious if anyone had info on what kind of screws I need to attach the JLF to the top panel (It already has the mounting place, just need the screws to put the entire stick onto the panel).

Someone pointed me to godlikecontrols.com to get the bolts for the top panel, however the site doesn’t seem to sell any of the other screws =/

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

They are metric, the screw size is M4. I got mine from Home Depot. They are like M4 5 MM or something. Make sure to get the short ones. Though I accidentally bought ones that were too long, but I just used a hack saw with a vice and it worked out fine.

Edit: This should work, it might be a little too long, but if you get some spacers to put between the screw and the mounting plate you can probably get away with it without any sawing, and that is assuming they are too long.

M4, 12mm length.
Button head is best if you can find it, but I put pan heads in my stick and don’t have any problem with it. (Pan heads are more square while button heads have a lower profile.)
I know there’s at least one person selling colored variants in the trading outlet, and Toodles sells them on his site too. And of course there are hardware stores and McMaster (though they tend to sell in quantities a lot larger than the 6 you need).

He wants screws to secure the Mounting Plate to the Mounting Bracket.

Hey thanks for the fast reply! I think the link didn’t work, though I’m looking through the home depot site to get an idea. Oh and I think I found the screw type for the JLF…m3 8mm or something. Trying to see if I can find it on home depot site as well.

M4 12mm for 6 top panel screws, correct?

EDIT: Just to be clear so I don’t confuse anyone, I need the top panel screws/bolts (The 6), AND the screws to attach my full assembled Sanwa JLF to the case/top panel/whatever you call it, lol.

Thanks again guys for all the help!

Wait, what screws are you looking for?
I think you like described three so far.
What is it you actually need?

M3 will be too narrow/small, also I know that most (if not all) Home Depots wont carry M3, M4 is the smallest they had when I went there. M4 refers to the diameter of the screw (in this case 4mm), then you’ll see a number like .7 which I think is the pitch of the screw (for the ridges, which makes it a screw), and the last one is the length of the screw. So the M3 has a 3mm diameter, so it will just slide in and out of the hole instead of actually screwing into it.

Edit: Man this got kind of confusing. From what I can tell he knows to get the top panel screws from Toodles. But he also needs screws to attach the mounting plate to the mounting bracket, which is what I described.





(Been so long since I posted on SRK, how do I use the spoiler code so I can just post the pics instead of links?)

Okay, lol yeah didn’t realize I was confusing everyone, my bad. Hopefully the pics will help. The SECOND picture has the screws I need outlined, and the FIRST picture should also show what I mean too, that I simply need the screws to attach the JLF to the case.




So yeah, you need M4’s for mounting the JLF, and Toodles TE screws to attach the top panel to the case.

Woo, cleaned it up.

Alright so six M4 12mm screws/bolts for the top panel, and M3 8mm screws for the JLF to to the case (I read M3 from the focus attack site when I confused the JLF SS kit for what I needed).

Damn I hope that’s all right, lol. A thousand thank yous SRK community!

You put M3 again for the JLF, instead of M4. :stuck_out_tongue: I believe the M3 8mms you keep referring to are for mounting the stick itself to the mounting plate. Looking at the picture, your JLF is clearly attached to the mounting plate (usually that is how they come), so you don’t need M3s.

I’m like double confused in this Thread.

First is that I keep getting Dan’s Student and RisingChurch mixed up.
Your guy’s Avatar look the same.

Second is that Dan’s Student keep mentioning M3.
The M3 x 8mm is for attaching Mounting Plate to the JLF, not for Mounting Plate to Mounting Bracket.

Doh, when I was halfway through this thread (lol) I was checking sites for quick replacements. When I was on focusattack.com I found the JLF-SS-Kit and thought it was the screws I needed for attaching the JLF to the mounting BRACKET, then I read, “NOTE: The screws are not for mounting the plate onto your joystick case. To attach your plate to most joystick cases, you will need M3 x 8mm Screws with M3 nuts.” That’s where I got M3 from.

Ha ha, they are a bit similar.

:sweat: Sorry guys, I got mixed up when I read M4 5mm, M4 12mm, etc etc and I was hoping the pictures would simply convey what I was looking for, like “screws for picture a and screws for picture b.”

So…the M4 5mm (The first type mentioned by RisingChurch in his first post) are the screws for the JLF, and the M4 12mm (Mentioned by Icy Black Deep in his post) are the screws/bolts for the top panel?

You got it.


I just looked at the Focus Attack.
They are wrong in the description.

They obviously read my Post about the screws.
And they got confused in doing so.

The Sanwa JLF-SS is the actual M3 x 8mm Screw and M3 Nut.

Let me make everything right in this Thread.

The screws to hold down Control Panel to TE Case is M4 x 12mm (choose style of head).
The screws to attach JLF from Mounting Plate to Mounting Bracket is M4 x 9mm.
The screws to attach Mounting Plate to JLF is M3 x 8mm with M3 Nuts.