TE Rnd. 1 Fightstick Turbo Control Panel - Where can I buy ribbon cables?


Hi all. The ribbon connectors of my ribbon cables seem to have gone a bit loose because the guide button doesn’t work and turbo button as well. I’ve checked to make sure if its a loose connection or not and I can confirm that it is because when I lifted the guide/turbo panel out of the case up to a position where the cables were taught, the guide/turbo buttons worked fine, as well as the button LEDs so I want to replace these ribbon cables so would anyone know where I can get a set of 3 ribbon cables to use with the guide/turbo panel? Thanks.


I hate to burst your bubble but no one actually sells spare ribbon cables for the Round 1 TE.

Are you sure it is the ribbon cables that are the problem? You might want to test the ribbon cable connections with a multi-meter before going to such a conclusion.


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So which of the 3 cables are you having an issue with?
There’s 3 ribbon cables that go from the turbo PCB to the Kitty.



Well, I think at least 2 of them are messed up but to be sure, I would like to replace the 3 cables.


How many pins is each one? I don’t want to open up a TE-S just to look or search for photos. I may have extra ribbons from previous PCBs.


Don’t get me wrong, any body what have the parts will sell them to you even if you do not need said parts.

The folks at many of the Arcade part supplies that are represented here aren’t going to correct you when you order the wrong mount plate with your Sanwa JLF and the mount plate is for a LS-32.

There are a number of reasons why a button fails to work. For example there could be dirt under the rubber dome of the guide and turbo buttons of your arcade stick.


What he said ^
I know those stock ribbon cables can be a little rough on stability though as they can be way loose.
Just be ABSOLUTELY sure it’s the ribbon cable and not the PCB itself.

You’ll want to open up the PCB turbo area to clean it out as Darksakul mentioned.
Carefully use a razor blade or flathead screwdriver to flick off the red glue on the screws and then unscrew the 4-6 (can’t remember) small screws from the bottom of the turbo PCB area. Be careful not to drop things as you’ll see the lock switch, joystick switch, turbo button and guide button pieces are all loose and are pieces that can be easily lost somewhere on the floor.

Clean with qtip and rubbing alcohol.

Also test the ribbon cables with a multimeter.



I am familiar with the inside of the panel. I did open it up before and clean it, though without rubbing alcohol but I am certain that its not related to the guide and turbo buttons specifically because the button LEDs for some buttons don’t light up or light up when I press the plastic cover against the guide/turbo PCB.

I got an idea on how to replace the cables. I noticed that Toodles sells the JLF-TE cable used for a Sanwa JLF and its 5 pin so its exactly the right number of wires for each of those 3 connections. Could that same cable be used for the turbo/guide PCB connections?

EDIT: Scratch that :(. I just checked, the guide/turbo PCB ribbon cables are 6 pin, not 5