Te Round 2 fight stick problems

Has anybody had any problems with the Round 2 TE fight stick? I had a problem with the first generation TE stick where the RT and LT buttons would stop working all of the sudden and you were no longer able to turn off or on the xbox through the fightstick. I recently bought a round 2 fightstick thinking surely I would’nt have that same problem but at last it has came up again exactly. Anybody else ran into this problem?

many people come across this with the triggers dying, so far use your warrantee is the fix

I had a problem with the SE and just took it in for a different one. Worked just fine, no problems.

I had this problem as well. Just received my replacement PCB from MadCatz yesterday. Installing it on Monday, hopefully it doesn’t have the same issue. Good luck getting yours fixed.

sometimes my focus doesnt come out when i hit medium p/k, iuno if its my buttons or my pcb, if i press them again it works though

Im so nervous about this happening to My dual modded TE in the future. The button failing issue happened to my SE also and while i called madcatz and had them ship me a new pcb i also bought one in the trading forums. The one i am currently using is the one i bought i the forums, the one sent by madcatz is stored away for later as a backup i guess =/