TE Round 2 not registering right right


As the Title says, my TE2 doesn’t register when i push the stick to the right -_-
wich is a MAJOR bummer, since it is my first arcade stick ever and i went home, happy like you wouldn’t know…
I’ve already written an email to Mad Catz, but should it not be answered by tomorrow evening i’ll return it to the store as i kept the receipt, but i think they don’t have another TE and i am not sure if they will order a replacement.


If it’s under warranty, that’s probably the best thing to do than attempting to fix it yourself if you’ve never had any experience modding or repairing them.

Also, you should try calling customer service at madcatz, that generally yields better results than email, but I don’t see a very swift reply due to the holiday season.

I would say a return to the store would be swifter, but if they don’t have a TE to replace it with, then that makes it rather difficult to get a replacement.


where are located? best to return it since it’s new. also double check your switch is correctly on “dp” on the turbo panel. switch it right or left and back to the center. sometimes the switch is off slightly and might cause some issues. lastly, go into training mode and turn on the button input option so you can check if the right direction is fubar’ed


Well, i gotta say i’m impressed with the Mad Catz Tech Support, i sent the e-mail last night, 8sometinhg pm. i just got up about 9:30 am and i got an answer wich is pretty much what i was expecting/hoping from MC.
So theysuggest i should go back to the store and try to get a replacement, BUT should they not be able, or willing to get me a replacement, i should call MC and they would do it^^ so i’ll get some breakfast then carry my bundle of joy back to the store, i’m pretty sure they can’t replace it, but that comes from me not seeing another box for a TE R2 and being a pessimist in such things.

I plugged the stick into my PC aswell, went to supercade as i can’t use the stick on my PS2 and checked there, first of all i was happy that it worked plug and play but right didn’t register there either, also didn’t on BlazBlue CS, so well… also i triple checked the switch and tried it multiple times on left stick and DP.

Edit: Oh, and i’m located in Munich Germany.


So, i’ve gathered all the Infos cept of one, i’ve contacted MC and they asked for my address, my data ect,
now, what i do not know is what is the Serial Number of the TE2, i’m not sure if it is the 4 digit code on the bottom, i doubt it, but does anybody know for sure?